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"Blockchain based anti fraud risk information sharing system for financial institutions" was officially put into operation

Time : 26/02/2022 Author : 79khpl Click : + -
        China Securities Network News (reporter Peng Yang) according to the news of China Internet Finance Association on August 18, in order to give full play to the economic and social value of the data elements of the financial industry, implement the requirements of the financial science and technology development plan (2022-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the development plan) on orderly promoting the standardized sharing of financial data Ping An Bank and other member units, as co sponsors, jointly built the "blockchain based anti fraud risk information sharing system for financial institutions", which was officially put into operation recently. According to the introduction, in order to effectively improve the scale effect and joint benefit of financial data, further enhance the anti fraud ability of commercial banks, and solve the pain points such as the dispersion, independence and isolation of fraud risk information among banks, the association organized some commercial banks to establish the joint prevention and control mechanism of anti fraud risk, and took the alliance chain technology as the foundation of system construction.
        On the basis of strictly following the technical security specifications for financial distributed ledger (JR / t0184 & mdash; 2020), the financial application evaluation rules for blockchain Technology (JR / t0193 & mdash; 2020) and other standards, we share fraud risk information through safe and compliant technical means. On the premise of protecting customer privacy and data security, we have opened up the "information island" between commercial banks, blocked fraudulent transactions in a timely manner, and effectively protected the security of customers' funds, The overall anti fraud level of the industry was improved. The association said that in the next step, it will continue to steadily promote the system operation and improve the anti fraud risk joint prevention and control mechanism.
        Under the condition of strictly controlling the scope of data sharing and ensuring data security, we assisted the effective implementation of policies such as the development plan and contributed to improving the efficiency of data element resource allocation in the financial industry.
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