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Among the top ten development trends of science and technology, which listed companies meet the tuyere in advance?

Time : 22/07/2022 Author : tgesrh Click : + -
        On the 28th, Alibaba Dharma academy released the top ten scientific and technological trends in 2021. Breakthroughs in technology and application will be achieved in materials science, quantum computing, AI, biomedicine, industrial Internet and other fields. Dharma academy predicts that in 2021, the third generation semiconductor represented by gallium nitride and silicon carbide will usher in a big explosion of applications; The breakthrough of carbon based technology accelerates the development of flexible electronics; AI may effectively solve the problems of long development cycle and high cost of vaccines and drugs. The reporter has noticed that many listed companies have already stood in the wind ahead of time. According to Dharma Institute, the third generation semiconductors represented by gallium nitride (GAN) and silicon carbide (SIC) have excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, high frequency, high power and radiation resistance. However, due to factors such as process and cost, they have been limited to small-scale applications for many years.
        In recent years, with the continuous breakthroughs in material growth, device preparation and other technologies, the cost-effective advantages of the third generation semiconductor have gradually emerged and are opening up the application market: SiC components have been used in automotive inverters, and Gan fast chargers have also been listed in large numbers. In the next five years, electronic devices based on the third generation semiconductor materials will be widely used in 5g base stations, new energy vehicles, UHV, data centers and other scenarios. In the capital market, the third generation semiconductor concept stocks have become the focus. Some securities companies put forward the "third generation semiconductor" in the research paper, and believed that the downstream application of the third generation semiconductor is focused on the 5g base station, UHV, new energy charging pile and other fields in the "new infrastructure" and is an important development direction in the future.
        Among the listed companies, SAP lux, a joint-stock company of liad, has realized mass production of semi polar gallium nitride. A few days ago, the company said through the interactive platform: saplux is the only company in the market that can mass produce high-quality four and a half inch polar wafers. Other companies can only provide low-quality wafers, and saplux occupies more than 90% of the semi polar substrate Market; In the future, the semi polar substrate is expected to play an important role in stabilizing the wavelength of green chips and efficient green semiconductor lasers, providing technical support for the company's display field. In September this year, the third generation semiconductor vertical integrated manufacturing platform "San'an integration" under San'an optoelectronics signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jinlong new energy, a leading enterprise of new energy buses, to determine that the two sides will make use of their own advantages and resources to jointly promote the prototype trial production and batch application of silicon carbide power devices in motor controllers and auxiliary drive controllers of new energy buses.
        Previously, in July, San'an integration announced the construction of Changsha silicon carbide manufacturing base, with a total investment of 16 billion yuan and an area of 1000 mu. It is a production base of the whole industrial chain of substrate, epitaxy, chip and packaging with independent intellectual property rights. After the project is fully completed, the capacity of silicon carbide power devices will be increased from the current 24000 pieces / year to 360000 pieces / year. Flexible electronics refers to electronic devices that retain their original performance after shape changes such as twisting, folding and stretching, and can be used as wearable devices, electronic skins, flexible displays, etc. The main bottleneck of the development of flexible electronics lies in Materials & mdash& mdash; The current flexible materials are either not flexible enough to fail, or their electrical properties are far inferior to those of "hard" silicon-based electrons.
        In recent years, the technological breakthroughs of carbon based materials have provided better material choices for flexible electronics: the quality of carbon based flexible materials such as carbon nanotubes can meet the requirements of large-scale integrated circuits, and the circuit performance prepared on this material is better than that of silicon-based circuits with the same size; Another carbon based flexible material graphene has also been prepared in a large area. The Dharma Institute predicted that carbon based materials, as the core material for making flexible equipment, would go out of the laboratory and prepare flexible electronic equipment that can stretch and bend at will. For example, the electronic skin made of this material not only has similar mechanical characteristics to real skin, but also has the perception function of the external environment. Among the listed companies, Jinbo Co., Ltd., a science and technology innovation board company, has been deeply engaged in the field of carbon based composite materials for 15 years, mainly producing thermal field materials and equipment products drawn from crystalline silicon, and supplying them to the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.
        The company said that after listing, it will further expand the application field of advanced carbon matrix composite materials, enrich the types of the company's main products, and continuously and steadily extend and expand the industrial chain. Last year, the Dharma academy predicted that "cloud will become the innovation center of IT technology". One year later, the cloud was originally generated as a new variable in the field of cloud computing. The Dharma Institute proposed that in the future, chips, development platforms, application software and even computers will be born on the cloud. AI, 5g, blockchain and other technologies will be implemented in the cloud native way, and the path for enterprises to obtain it services will be shortened again. In addition, the Dharma academy also believes that AI will make great progress in improving the efficiency of drug and vaccine research and development in 2021.
        The iteration and computational power breakthrough of the new AI algorithm will solve the problems of drug molecular target confirmation and drug resistance. As the future technology of human-computer interaction and human-computer hybrid intelligence, BCI is of great research value in the medical field. BCI helps human beings transcend biological limits. The Dharma academy pointed out in the trend that the academic and industrial circles are working hard to solve the problem of brain signal acquisition and processing, and help people better understand the working principle of the brain. The maturity of technology will accelerate the clinical application of brain computer interface, and will provide accurate rehabilitation services for patients who cannot speak or move their hands in the future. Data processing realizes "autonomy and self evolution". Artificial intelligence and machine learning methods are gradually widely used in intelligent cold and hot data stratification, anomaly detection, intelligent modeling, resource mobilization, parameter optimization, pressure test generation, index recommendation and other fields, effectively reducing the management costs of data calculation, processing, storage, operation and maintenance, and realizing the "autonomy and self evolution" of the data management system.
        Agriculture has entered the era of data intelligence. Through the application of 5g, Internet of things, blockchain and other technologies, we can ensure the controllability and traceability of agricultural products in logistics transportation and ensure the safety and reliability of the overall supply chain process of agricultural products. Agriculture will bid farewell to "relying on heaven" and enter the era of intelligent agriculture.
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