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Nuls, the cup international DAPP competition was launched, and the big guy put on a wonderful performance and said that the blockchain square dance troupe participated

Time : 09/02/2022 Author : qvj7y2 Click : + -
        "In blockchain entrepreneurship, people born after 6070 wear shoes, and those born after 8090 are barefoot! Barefoot people can definitely wear shoes." The first blockchain wonder said that 20 experts argued fiercely on the spot that "who is better after 6070 or 8090 in blockchain entrepreneurship?". "Earning tokens by dancing square dance is just like we earned our jobs when we were young.". The world's first blockchain square dance team "Little Miss" appeared. They explained their understanding of blockchain in this way and officially announced their participation. On May 5, the "nulscup international blockchain innovative application DAPP design competition" was held in Beijing Tsinghua Science and technology park. It was a wonderful scene experienced by the reporter on the spot.
        Guided by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of industry and information technology, the competition was hosted by the new generation of public chain on behalf of nuls, hosted by the DAPP launch platform D26 District, and co organized by the people's Government of Yuzhong District, Chongqing. It is the first international competition with the theme of blockchain technology application (DAPP). This competition is divided into university group and social group, with a total investment reserve of 100 million. Excellent DAPP applications will receive cash awards, project incubation services and investment. This competition can be described as a blockchain competition without technical barriers. Anyone who has an idea can participate in the competition. During the competition, there will be more than 50 free trainings in Colleges and universities throughout the country to find the "light of the world blockchain". At the launching ceremony of the competition, Wang Zhichang, former director of the College Students Department of the Ministry of education and a famous education expert, first praised the theme of the competition "looking for the light of blockchain". He said: "today's blockchain technology has begun to be applied, and talents are the key. It is extremely urgent to cultivate blockchain talents at present. This competition can just promote the development of the talent supply side in the blockchain field.
        ”。 Nulscup international blockchain innovative application DAPP design competition is an innovative competition based on the combination of training and competition, and the combination of jury scoring and online voting. The competition gives full play to the strong professional teachers, connects the blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and people with social needs, conducts guidance and selection of entrepreneurship incubation projects in a fair, just and open manner, and discovers and cultivates the technical talents and entrepreneurial teams of the future blockchain application (DAPP). As the government co organizer of the competition, Luo Lin, the leader of the working group for the construction of Chongqing urban block chain industrial innovation base, delivered a speech on behalf of the people's Government of Yuzhong District, Chongqing. He said: "during the national two sessions this year, blockchain has become a hot topic among many NPC deputies and CPPCC members. The development of blockchain industry is not only a great opportunity and a great change, but also a big industry and a big dividend, and also a great opportunity for mass innovation and entrepreneurship.
        The Chongqing municipal Party committee and government and the Yuzhong District government attach great importance to the development of the blockchain industry. The Chongqing municipal Party committee has written the development of the blockchain into the document of the innovation driven development strategic action plan 2018-2020 led by big data intelligence. The Yuzhong District government has also written the development of the blockchain industry into the 13th five year development plan of Yuzhong District for high-quality promotion. ". The competition covers 10 countries, including China, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and South Korea. It is an open international competition. During the period, there will be 100 + investment institutions, 100 + incubators and maker spaces, 50 + offline "double first-class" famous schools, 100 + global tour free public welfare training, 1 million + people participating in the online 100 million yuan + investment funds, continuing to pay attention to the trend of the competition and incubate and invest in the outstanding projects in the finals.
        Member of acmpractitionerboard & amp; At the launching ceremony, Huang Lianjin, the founder and CEO of the US distributed business application company, said: "DAPP is a product of blockchain and will be the next tuyere leading the future. However, as a developer of DAPP, we should not only promote the development of blockchain concept in scientific and technological innovation, but also adhere to the six points in order to maintain a healthy development trend for the blockchain industry. I collectively call these six points limpst, (L) limit, as the owner of DAPP, (1) Identity is used to authenticate identity. In the design, it is considered that (m) the module must be modular when developing DAPP, (P) privacy ensures the privacy of users. It is difficult to guarantee the privacy of blockchain using Ethernet; (S) To distinguish which storage data is placed on or off the chain, (T) token DAPP must have a valuable circulation, i.e. token. The perspective and future DAPP must reference the token and implement it in the application.
        The development of blockchain needs to be considered from the perspective of production chain under the premise of ensuring compliance with limpst. Here we need to recognize that blockchain is first productivity and then production relations. "We don't understand technology, only know the community consensus and incentive mechanism. We dance enthusiasts gather together in the community. We train together, perform together, share the costs, enjoy the income, and supervise each other. We are the investors, executors, and beneficiaries of square dance. This is our consensus. And we will have a lot of incentives for the members and teachers of the dance team, especially for the production in that year The team earns points, and more work pays more.
        ”At the event site, the world's first blockchain square dance team, composed of 15 square dance aunts, introduced their "blockchain + square dance token economic model design scheme" and announced to officially participate in the competition. In addition, they also danced Tiktok hot dance and seaweed dance on the spot. The scene was explosive and turned the whole audience around. 20 experts also came to a wonderful "blockchain miracle talk" to conduct on-site PK on "who is better in blockchain entrepreneurship after 6070 and 8090". Strange flower said that the host "Maxi" said that this argument came from the incident that Zhu Xiaohu was resented after he did not vote for 60. Wang Xuezong, the protagonist of the incident at that time, also joined the wonderful work and said, "Zhu Xiaohu still owes me 100000 yuan. We will spend him again today.
        ”。 After 6070, represented by Zhu Tao, director of the blockchain industry alliance of China high tech Industrialization Research Association, said: after 6070, with resources, experience and capital, blockchain entrepreneurship has more advantages. Zhou Luohong, senior partner of the angel hundred foundation, refuted that the post-80s and post-90s generation, represented by Zhou Luohong, started a blockchain business. The post-80s and post-90s generation are barefooted, the post-60s and Post-70s generation are shoeless, and the barefooted generation are not afraid to wear shoes. Now some money and technologies are inferior and are burdens, and they can not really allin blockchain. After all, they made money in a centralized world, just like Ma Huateng can not give up the current centralized wechat and go to the blockchain wechat.
        In the final voting session, those who represent the views of the post-80s and 90s generation won the recognition of the audience on the spot, and won the victory of the first blockchain wonderful work. However, Ma Xi, the host, concluded that blockchain, as a new thing, needs to be applied, or it needs the cooperation of two generations. 8090 has the momentum, and will try its best to rush ahead, while 6070 has the resources and experience, and will control the direction and provide financial resources support, so as to achieve better development. This competition is based on the principle of "you can come if you have an idea". It is completely "zero threshold". Anyone who has an idea can participate. Therefore, before this competition was launched, it has been called the "most technology free" blockchain competition.
        As the representative of the latest generation of public chain platform, nuls co sponsor Wang Xiaoli, the organizer of the competition, said: "nuls holds this competition in the hope of breaking through people's inherent understanding of blockchain and making blockchain applications truly enter all aspects of people's lives.".
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