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What is the blockchain? Not only bitcoin, but also many applications

Time : 25/05/2022 Author : 17k85n Click : + -
        What is a blockchain? According to media reports, today, many blockchain concept stocks have been trading, adding to the fire of blockchain, which is already a hot focus. In recent years, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum have not only affected the hearts of investors, but also caused people to pay attention to their underlying technologies & mdash& mdash; Blockchain. The excellent characteristics of blockchain come from its unique technical foundation. It is a distributed database, which collectively maintains a reliable database through decentralization and trust. Among them, security means that the data is not controlled by any person or entity, and can be completely copied on multiple computers, and the attacker has no single entry point.
        If there is no third party, it means that peer-to-peer transactions do not require the approval of the third party. Accessible means that all nodes in the network can be easily accessed. Non tamperability is because information is encrypted by cryptography technology. Once it enters the blockchain, no information can be changed. It is worth noting that blockchain is not equivalent to bitcoin. Bitcoin is an application of the blockchain, which is the underlying technology and infrastructure of bitcoin. Industry experts said that closing the virtual currency exchange and prohibiting bitcoin platform transactions do not conflict with the current development of blockchain.
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