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In the sixth issue, the big guy interviewed yuan Tao: how to invest and develop in the face of the blockchain wave?

Time : 10/04/2022 Author : a0xf6m Click : + -
        Since the blockchain technology has been promoted to the national strategy and become a hot topic again, many projects with mixed advantages and disadvantages in the blockchain market have swarmed in, making many of us hesitate. How can we identify the blockchain projects with mixed advantages and disadvantages in the market and understand how the blockchain will develop in the future? Today, the starfish team is honored to do an interview for the CEO of bineng. We will certainly get more insights from him. Zhang Juan, CEO of Haixing block: with the continuous popularization of blockchain technology, the threshold for participating in blockchain projects has become lower, resulting in a serious market speculation atmosphere. In today's market, how to distinguish the quality of a blockchain project and what investment projects do you like?.
        Yuan Tao, founder of bitcoin Foundation: in fact, the problem is how to identify a capital investment in the blockchain, that is, whether it is a good project or a bad project. In fact, in a foam Market, it is difficult to find out whether a project is good or bad. For example, in the first half of 2017 and 2018, in the whole market, as long as an individual can invest in a project or issue a project, or you can make money by making a project, so it is difficult to find out whether the project is good or bad. However, you will find that by the end of 2018, it will be different from that after 2019. You will find that a good project has several characteristics. The first characteristic is that its original team's technical ability is relatively strong. For example, it may be related to power supply, or it may be used to serve the real economy.
        At the same time, its background is also a very important consideration. The second feature is that it can empower the real economy or land, and can generate actual value. It is not a pure air project. If it is a pure air project, it means that its funds are actually idling, and it can only constantly make up stories and so-called meetings and beliefs to transmit values. However, when it comes to the implementation of a project, it is different. For example, in technology research and development, we can ask a founder of a blockchain project: "how many people do you research and development? How much salary do you spend on research and development every month? How many people have wallets?" In fact, these things can be inferred. How can we see whether a good project is doing something seriously or not? Then, we can see whether a specific product has vitality and investment potential.
        I think there are several aspects to this. The first aspect is how much energy the blockchain can give to the project, rather than dragging and dragging. For example, now we do the SPT project, which is actually an application that can be well applied to the financial market of the blockchain. However, it is definitely not good to do something unrelated to the blockchain, such as logging and construction, so it cannot be dragged. The second aspect is whether the economic model we designed is reliable. From the perspective of the good project partners we have cooperated with, they may have existed in 2016 and are still alive. In fact, they have many commonalities mentioned above.
        Therefore, through the above points, we will find that a project is worth investing in. Zhang Juan, CEO of Haixing block: the wave of blockchain has been pounding all fields. Some people have not responded yet, but others are already laying out blockchain related fields. How should ordinary people seek their own development under the general trend of blockchain?. Yuan Tao, founder of bitcoin Foundation: in my opinion, I think that the current digital currency market or blockchain market should be a very great track, which should be said to be the largest track in the currency or financial field since World War II. Because its players are high enough, because it has risen to the level of national sovereignty.
        In the face of the general trend of blockchain, we may need to combine our own experience. For example, in the past, I was engaged in finance and technology. When I entered the blockchain market, I actually had this natural advantage, which means that my understanding of the whole market is much stronger than others. If you used to do catering and pure Internet, it might take some time and a learning process. I think today's one million talents training plan is a training meeting with learning value. The first thing is to popularize, and the second is to explain what is the blockchain and what opportunities we have in the blockchain belong to different practitioners and entrepreneurs.
        Zhang Juan, CEO of Haixing block: objectively speaking, the blockchain is still far from the mature stage of standardization development, and has not been fully tested by the market and industry. Will the competitive era of many so-called blockchain standards cause market chaos and foam?. Yuan Tao, founder of bitcoin Foundation: in fact, blockchain is just a technology, just like the paper we once invented. It can print money on it, and can also reflect a fixed value. It can also write music on it, and can also have words. What it conveys is different from what it expresses. So from this logic, in fact, blockchain is just a technology. What kind of capabilities we give it, What kind of value is given to it means what problems we hope it can solve and create.
        From this perspective, I think the so-called blockchain standards should be difficult to form a unified set of standards. It needs to be applied to different fields. For example, when we print money, the paper may have different standards, because the paper requirements are different in office, packaging or other fields. Therefore, I think it is very difficult for it to have a unified standardization. We can only establish the corresponding standards according to its application or the standards of different industries. In this case, the market is certainly a chaotic process, but it will surely slowly go to the same destination through different paths, and then settle down to solve the problem.
        Zhang Juan, CEO of Haixing block: as the blockchain technology has recently received high-level attention and attention at the national level, the blockchain industry has also become one of the hottest topics in society. What do you think is the development direction of the blockchain industry in the future?. Yuan Tao, founder of bitcoin Foundation: I think there are two directions. The first direction is the financial application of blockchain, and the second direction is the application of blockchain technology. At present, I think the whole country is actually concerned about the financial operation of the blockchain, which is also the largest track in the whole blockchain market. Here, why does Libra say that after its release, our country has formulated some relevant measures so quickly.
        In fact, it means improvement. We hope that we have enough ability to stand high enough in the market, or carry out an ecological checkpoint. Therefore, I think this is a very important field. This is also the reason why we build a currency Energy Fund and then have an exchange. If we want to implement the globalization of DCEP in the future, that is, the internationalization of RMB, which means that the exchange will also become a pioneer in the globalization of DCEP. Well, based on the blockchain technology, we may be more applied to the supply chain at present, or our traceability ability to solve some return fraud. I think this is a common problem faced by the whole industry.
        Therefore, I think it is of great help to build our entire credit society and credit system. Of course, there may be some opportunities in some specific fields, including artificial intelligence and driverless vehicles. This should be suitable for some teams that do unmanned driving and artificial intelligence, and then do research and development in this field. Zhang Juan, CEO of Haixing block: Recently, a series of policies on the blockchain industry have been issued all over the country. However, regulation also follows. What impact do you think this will have on the development of the blockchain industry? How should the blockchain industry meet the policy supervision?. Yuan Tao, founder of bitcoin Foundation: in fact, I think embracing blockchain is not only a problem for our blockchain entrepreneurs, but also for all regulatory systems in the world. Why? Because the current blockchain market is actually a completely highly developed and freely circulating global market. If it is a single subject country, it is difficult to completely cut off the blockchain market.
        Therefore, I think that all regulatory bodies, including our entrepreneurs, should categorically recognize that this is a global market and we can not infringe it. All our next efforts should be to embrace it, how to regulate it and make it legal and compliant. This is not only for our practitioners, but also for the regulatory level. I think we should not touch the bottom line of the corresponding regulatory system when we start a business. For example, if it involves illegal fund-raising, for example, if it involves the corresponding fraud, then we can not touch the pyramid schemes. Then, on the basis of technology, we can do some innovation, or trial and error.
        Well, in this process, we entrepreneurs have a trial and error process, and supervision also has a trial and error process. This trial and error is market-oriented. It depends on what kind of trial and error we make. This trial and error must not touch the regulatory bottom line. In this process, we must be able to control a risk. Recently, it is said in the mainland that Hainan will set up a regulatory sandbox. In fact, its significance is to grasp the risks and lock the whole innovation within the range. It is equivalent to that I can accept your mistakes in this process. Even if you find a mistake, its impact is relatively limited, so I think this is a current situation facing the entire health system.
        Thank you very much, Mr. Yuan Tao, for giving us this interview. In addition to dispelling doubts about how to identify blockchain projects and understand the future development of blockchain, this interview also mentioned the impact of blockchain on many occasions. It is obvious that the impact of blockchain has risen to the national level. Both blockchain investors and entrepreneurs should develop blockchain technology under the supervision of the state.
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