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Trusted blockchain Research Institute's "on chain talent" strategy

Time : 01/08/2022 Author : r0sifm Click : + -
        In order to accelerate the gathering and training of compound talents centered on blockchain and algorithm, and accelerate the creation of a domestic leading and internationally renowned scientific research platform and Innovation Center for blockchain and algorithm economy research with the Research Institute as the center, the research institute has officially launched the "chain talents" strategy since August 2020 and launched two talent plans:. What we are looking for is an innovator full of exploration spirit. The journey in the era of wisdom and trust is full of challenges, but it is also the first step to truly "change the world". Twenty four fresh students from Southeast University, Nanjing University of information engineering, Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, Nanjing Audit University, University of Western Australia, Auckland University, and Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University participated in the communication meeting.
        Give full play to the rich resources of universities in Nanjing, Guangzhou, the Yangtze River Delta and the Great Bay area, build a talent exchange bridge between the Research Institute and universities, and recruit college students of advantageous disciplines of advantageous schools as interns to participate in the specific project tasks of the Research Institute, Through business practice, we will cultivate a number of high-level composite talents who are integrated with blockchain and "ABCD" (artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data) new generation information technology. The trusted blockchain Research Institute was established in August 2019. It is a new research and development institution with original blockchain underlying technology. At the business level, it focuses on blockchain underlying technology, intelligent optimization algorithm, privacy computing, AI, new business model based on algorithmic economy, and integrated application of blockchain and Internet of things / big data. It aims to make trustworthiness possible through blockchain and create a smart trust society.
        The research institute has always been committed to R & D and application of alliance chain technology in the production environment, and has created a domestically independent and controllable alliance chain underlying technology platform, newspiral. It has 57 invention patents and 54 software copyrights; It has passed the evaluation of functions, performance and security of China Institute of information technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and has also completed the certification of Huawei cloud, Kunpeng cloud and Qilin software, indicating that newspiral has the ability to operate stably and well in the domestic hardware and software ecology. Baas + government affairs, social governance, certificate notarization, fund supervision, financial service platform, water service platform and other products based on newspiral have all formed large-scale applications, and have landed in 20 cities across the country.
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