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In the dark age of the game industry, is binemon a star of hope or a light of loneliness?

Time : 09/03/2022 Author : wnfml3 Click : + -
        Is investing in "binemon" a wise decision? Let's first learn how this game works & mdash& mdash; How is binemon different from other large-scale games on the market? How will it shake the vision of the entire industry?. Binemon is an irreplaceable asset game for virtual pets on the bitcoin smart chain, with leisure RPG game elements. Players can collect and trade eggs, fresh fruits, characters, props and land. In addition, players can fight in PvE and PvP modes and get digital asset rewards in the squid game series.
        Buying eggs is the first step in your game. Therefore, on the carefully developed binemondapp interface, the "integration" mechanism of Mons was built and became the core of the game economy. In fact, this is similar to traditional companies that allow customers to customize their products in advance. However, in binemon, players create "products" & mdash; Mons, which can be used to set up units participating in PVP, PVE or squid games and sell their profits. For binemon, the "player-v-environment mode" allows players to improve their skills according to the counters of the map boss and NPC.
        In addition, they will receive experience points and skill gems as PVE rewards and use experience points to strengthen Mons. Finally, PVP is a way for players to discover and obtain sustainable income in a constantly competitive environment. Players will receive 1000 level scores at the beginning of each season, representing their efforts to fight and defeat their opponents. Like other blockchain games, this is what binemon is trying to do & mdash& mdash; Identify and preserve the creative efforts of the player in the game. Over time, when the player reaches a certain level of points, victory will enable the player to obtain different level titles from wood to diamond.
        A higher level of points means that the best, most creative and most hardworking players will receive appropriate rewards. In particular, a brand-new player can join the squid series games at a super low price of less than $5 and win prizes worth $bin tokens and skill gems. Binemon was initially advertised as a game of "making money by playing". In fact, sports is also such a model. However, although you can still play binemon as an ordinary player, please choose a relaxed game style. You don't need to invest too much energy in the squid game series and still have some gains. At the same time, other players have become more and more mature and enthusiastic.
        Better still, everything gradually revolves around a story of "winning and earning" & mdash; You have to win to make money. All video games, including binemon, are actually on this track. Ask yourself, when the competitive environment becomes increasingly crowded, will the opportunities for novices still exist?. For PVE, players can become familiar with binemon games and collect more experience values for their Mons. Experience value (EXP) is an essential resource, which requires players to invest time and energy to collect. It will significantly affect the strength of players' Mons and their profits in PVP. In PVP, it is used as the main way for players to make money.
        In each season, players must fight each other through the defensive lineup of 5 Mons. If the player wins, the level points will increase, and if the player fails, the level points will decrease. The season awards are posted on their website, and you can see that players all over the world like them very much. Their most innovative model is the squid game series. Squid game series is a unique competition, with a small number of participants, rich rewards and fair chances for players to win. At present, there are two rooms in the squid game, red light, green light and glass bridge. The rewards are $bin tokens and skill gems. The concept and release plan of the third room of the squid game series will be implemented using VR / AR technology.
        Brian & middot; Eno once said: "one day, human beings will live a leisurely life; machines can meet all our needs and give us more freedom to pursue wisdom and creative happiness. Getting rid of the whirlpool of tedious and repetitive work is the basis for the emergence of the entertainment economy". And it all happened right now. Now let's add p2e games to this huge blueprint. Binemon is one of the first big brands in the field of leisure games. It is positioned as a "play to earn" game, enabling users to enjoy and generate additional income in the digital asset market. What binemon can do in the game industry has the potential to become the same as the live video game world brought by twitch & mdash& mdash; Emerge and improve the benchmark of the whole market.
        Before blockchain games, game players made money through streaming media games. Binemon will add its own spices. Its breakthrough lies in its ability to stimulate the mechanism of attracting players and making money.
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