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How to combine the "meta universe" with the media industry? The recitation notes are ready! Click me get!,Briefly describe the classification of blockchain

Time : 19/01/2022 Author : a3fs7k Click : + -
        The year 2021 is called "the first year of the meta universe", and the meta universe has become a hot topic in the discussion between the new missionary circles and the industry. Through this study, we hope that students can have a basic understanding of the meta universe and can organize it into special topics. As a hot concept in 2021, the "meta universe" has become the object of investigation by major universities. When studying this part, students should first master the basic concepts and characteristics of the meta universe, and then deeply understand the development, problems and Countermeasures of the meta universe. The topics of "public opinion" and "media integration" also involve the relevant contents of the meta universe, which also shows that the meta universe can be combined with multiple new knowledge points and make questions. Therefore, it is suggested that students should consciously combine other contents of news communication for further study after learning this topic.
        Correlation line in recent three years Yuancosmos (East China University of political science and law, 334, noun interpretation; Zhejiang University of science and technology, 440, noun interpretation; Northwest University, 440, noun interpretation; Jinan University, 809, noun interpretation; Tsinghua University, 440, noun interpretation; Nanjing University, 681, noun interpretation; Inner Mongolia University, 334, noun interpretation). 4. Facebook renaming meta, please talk about your views on the phenomenon of Facebook renaming and evaluate the future development trend of metauniverse in combination with the development of metauniverse (Donghua University, 440, material analysis). 5. Read the above materials and analyze the phenomenon of "meta universe explosion" with relevant journalism and communication knowledge (no less than 500 words).
        (Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, 334, material analysis). The concepts in the science fiction avalanche refer to extended reality (XR), digital twins, artificial intelligence and blockchain. The social life form of the combination of reality and reality. (1) The development events in the industry promote the arrival of the metauniverse boom (this part mainly involves the representative events in the development of metauniverse, and Ogata selected a part to focus on "case accumulation". At present, it is the initial stage of the development of metauniverse, and the most closely related industries in this stage are XR and games (mainly referring to VR games). The expansion and upgrading of XR technology is the key to improving the immersive experience of the meta universe. With the arrival of the meta universe boom and the warming of the concept of the meta universe, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.
        1. In July 2021, Facebook announced the establishment of the metauniverse team and planned to transform into a metauniverse company within five years; In October of the same year, Facebook changed its company name to "meta", which triggered a climax of attention to the meta universe from all walks of life. 3. In September 2021, Tencent invested in Weimo era and began to lay out VR games. In February 2022, Tencent launched a new business XR to cope with the "all true Internet" (i.e. yuanuniverse). Representative events are enough. In addition, the concept of meta universe is also mentioned in the fourth part of this report. Students can combine the two parts to form a noun explanation.
        The meta universe is the fusion and symbiosis of the real physical world and the virtual digital world. It will build a brand-new connection and interaction mode with people, things and information for users. In this sense, the meta universe will become the next generation social carrier. Young people are the main creators and consumers of metauniverse UGC content. The low threshold of platform content creation and the multi civilization coexistence environment of virtual and real coexistence. As a new digital civilization and social form, the 3D simulation space built by metauniverse provides users with a three-dimensional, multi sensory, and highly immersive social experience spanning time and space. The virtual information scene construction in the meta universe integrates virtual and reality. Users can freely switch between different virtual and real spaces and scenes, experience the experience of other people in other scenes, change the time and environment of the scene at will, change the interactive scene, and realize real interaction and economic exchanges with other digital avatars or real people.
        The value created by users in the meta universe will have a real impact on the real world and give vitality to the real world. Case accumulation: take Baidu yuanuniverse product "Baidu xirang" as an example. It is open to developers and all users. Users can experience it through mobile phones, VR all-in-one machines or computer clients. The first large-scale conference "Baidu create2021" (Baidu AI Developer Conference) held in the meta universe "Baidu Xiliang" in China supports 100000 users to see, interact and synchronize real-time status. Its sense of presence, immersion, sharing and openness all bring new experiences to users. "Initiative" is the illusion of choosing different angles, and at the same time, it is easy for users to ignore the inherent constructiveness and framework of the holographic perspective built by xr3d modeling.
        The user's experience is actually a media experience. At the same time, the "presence" experience of the absence of the body actually lacks the authentic "light implication" of the real presence of the body. The interpersonal interaction based on this lack is worth thinking about. (2) Excessive dependence on Immersive perception may lead to the lack of rational exploration. In a world where the virtual reality of the meta universe is integrated, it is easier to guide users to recognize news events with empathy and more sensitive emotional perception, which is an effective compensation for rational thinking and logical judgment. This leads to users' lack of in-depth reporting, logical analysis and rational exploration. For the perception of news events, the metauniverse brings users a sense of live experience. However, through intermediation, the news stance, public opinion guidance and observation perspective implied by the metauniverse are guided and cultivated.
        (3) Excessive immersion may lead to addiction and addiction. The immersion and interaction brought about by the fusion of the virtual and real worlds of the meta universe is a compensation effect on the real world, and it is embodied in the user. More and deeper media dependence, addiction and addiction. We should be vigilant that users are addicted to the news scene or information world constructed by the meta universe, and then have problems such as exclusion, maladjustment, dissatisfaction or fear of real society, refusal to face real social events or respond to real social concerns. (4) The fuzzy boundary between virtual and reality may lead to sensory dislocation. First, due to the limitations of technology, the sensory experience in the meta universe has a certain degree of sensory lag. Secondly, the more the user's real sensory experience and the simulated sensory experience in the virtual world tend to be consistent, the more blurred the boundary between the two, the more difficult it is for the user to distinguish, and the more likely it is to bring a sense of sensory dislocation between the real world and the virtual world.
        First, the meta universe is the superposition and integration of the real world and the digital twin scene, the virtual original scene or the virtual real symbiotic scene, and not the real information. (6) The machine logic will affect people's experience and thinking mode. The logic of the meta universe is based on the cognition and value judgment of the real society, but at the same time, it is more based on 3D digital modeling technology. Its machine logic will affect people's experience and thinking mode. (7) The problem of personal information and privacy disclosure first of all, the meta universe is inseparable from the development of AI technology. The development of AI technology is inseparable from data and algorithms, involving data and algorithms. At present, the construction of various big data platforms is in full swing, and data has become a resource. However, how to use data effectively, beneficially, reasonably and legally is worth exploring in depth.
        To empower smart regulation and social governance, let big data effectively serve smart government affairs, build an intelligent government service system and platform while making data analysis intelligent, and apply the core technologies of metauniverse, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, to the construction of smart cities. Telling the Chinese story well and guiding and spreading the positive energy of society with positive values can not only more effectively regulate and control the false rumor information, but also more effectively regulate and control the sensitive information and the content that easily leads to social division. (2) To protect privacy and ethical constraints and establish a legal metauniverse that conforms to the development laws and norms of the industry is a holographic media with innovative significance, which will produce new logic, new models and new rules. At the same time, it has strong scene connection.
        Highly interconnected, therefore, the establishment of laws and regulations that conform to the development laws and norms of the industry and enable them to play a coordinating role among different circles will help promote the establishment of social consensus and improve social governance capacity while saving social governance costs. Generation Z young people have gradually become the mainstay of society. They comply with the network legislation and network supervision agreements and regulations of digital indigenous people and meta universe indigenous people, which will effectively guarantee the security of personal information and privacy data, and correctly lead social ethics and value judgment; At the same time, it can play a role not only in the digital world and the virtual world, but also in the real world, with a positive and positive impact.
        (3) Encourage big V and ordinary users to create independently, and guide and spread social positive energy with positive values. It can effectively play the digital avatar role of virtual people, big V and opinion leaders, and strengthen the leading role of core values of UGC content. The mainstream media take the initiative to make interesting and informative metacosmic materials. In the scene of virtual reality integration, the unique immersive feeling and scene experience of the metauniverse are used to enhance the communication power of the mainstream sound with sufficient attraction and user stickiness. (4) Attach importance to the government affairs service work of the meta universe and empower the grass-roots social governance. The meta universe can be very effectively applied to the grass-roots government affairs service and Party building work, empower the grass-roots social governance, and promote the dual development of material civilization and spiritual civilization.
        For government services, local historical and cultural communication, government affairs and party affairs information sharing, etc., the meta universe can be achieved through digital modeling and virtual restoration technologies such as virtual twins. Metauniverse provides a more flexible and diverse way of social practice, and breaks the restrictions of time, space and relationship. It can make full use of this value to promote the deep integration of media. Strengthen the ability of scenario based digital newsmen to guide users and public opinion. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the building and switching ability of virtual news information scenes, strengthen the interpretation ability of virtual hosts and digital avatars, and deepen the immersive guiding role of virtual information propagandists. (6) We will strengthen technical security, promote and deepen the development of perceptual portable interactive information terminals. The metauniverse is the technology for virtual reality, mixed reality, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, data visualization, electronic games, personal digital human design technology and the Internet of things.
        At present, XR equipment still has room for further improvement. Promoting and deepening the development and production of perceptual portable interactive information terminals will effectively improve the user experience, increase the comfort and convenience of users using XR equipment, and promote the further improvement of the meta universe ecology. We will strengthen smart regulation, establish industry regulations, lead positive values, empower grass-roots government services, promote the deep integration of media, and strengthen technical security.
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