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Sk Telecom will provide asset management services based on blockchain technology

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : yv3nfp Click : + -
        Ostrich blockchain news: according to the report of Korea Herald on April 24, the head of the blockchain Department of SK Telecom in South Korea said that the company would promote the use of blockchain technology to provide asset management services within this year, and establish a platform to help blockchain startups and investors develop relevant technologies and industries together. Ohse hyeon, executive vice president of SKT's blockchain business department, said that the company plans to launch blockchain based asset management and payment services to improve users' trust in P2P transactions. She added: "the service will allow users to centrally manage all bank accounts, credit cards, mileage points and other non-financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, and asset processing based on trust.
        ”。 SKT will also launch a platform called "tokenexchangehub". It is understood that the platform will make the financial transactions of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises more transparent by supporting relevant projects of initial token issuance (ICO). She added: "we only provide support to companies that will use blockchain technology to conduct business and help them create a healthy blockchain ecosystem.". Disclaimer: ostrich blockchain reports and releases do not constitute investment advice. Please remind investors that there are huge risks in digital asset investment supported by blockchain technology, and investors should operate accordingly at their own risk.
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