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Come to Tokyo, an exclusive customized blockchain value private will come for you!

Time : 08/07/2021 Author : rjg5ah Click : + -
        According to Reuters news, on Monday, Toshio Fuji, head of Japan's finance ministry, said on the Libra issue: this may pose a threat to the existing financial supervision and the central bank. We must seriously consider how these disruptive technologies will change the way financial regulators guide policies. ". The destination of this event & mdash& mdash; Japan has long regarded the development of digital economy as an important means to promote economic growth, and has also tried to build itself into a blockchain application center. Japan is an early country to formulate a relatively complete tax policy for cryptocurrency transactions and conduct taxes. In April 2017, the Japanese government revised the capital settlement law, becoming the first country to legally recognize the legal status of digital currency.
        Japan has legalized bitcoin payments. This time, finacerun's carefully arranged trip to Japan will take you into the most open country to the blockchain for four days and three nights. Participated in the first official blockchain summit of coindesk Japan xfinacerun & amp; Cointubethenext high-end business reception. Pay attention to the industry development indicators together in Tokyo and gain insight into the new trends of the industrial economy. Coupled with Japan's unique regional culture, the dry goods are full and the journey is pleasant!. The Japanese government has always strongly supported the digital currency and blockchain industries. Bitcoin trading contributes 0.3% of Japan's GDP.
        Japan encourages the implementation of blockchain applications and adopts the "support + promotion" mode, that is, to support new technologies and help enterprises promote them. At present, Japanese blockchain enterprise applications are concentrated in five industries & mdash& mdash; Real estate registration, identity authentication registration, bank clearing, supply chain finance, transaction payment. In addition, it is also involved in insurance, agriculture and manufacturing. Evening: "finacerun & amp; cointube: the next unicorn is you" high-end business reception. The most mainstream and valuable blockchain cocktail party in 2019!. Since Japanese law recognizes bitcoin as a legal payment method, a large number of shopping malls in Japan have accepted bitcoin transactions.
        After the meeting, you can fully experience the bitcoin trading process in Japanese shopping malls. N. Avenue Co., Ltd., the operating company of coindesk Japan, will hold a blockchain exhibition of 2000-3000 people in Tokyo, Japan. B In Tokyo, this conference will be the most mainstream and largest blockchain exhibition in Japan. Now, we have invited Professor Chun Murai of Keio University, the father of the Japanese Internet, sopnendu Mohanty, the head of the financial department of Singapore, former president of Yahoo Japan Miyazaki, Nolan bauerle, the chief researcher of coindesk, Chris Ballinger, the head of Mobi, the world's largest automotive blockchain alliance, and well-known guests of more than matsunoi, the authority of Japanese cryptography, More than 30 seminars will be held in two days.
        Catherine Porter, head of Calibra, a subsidiary of Facebook blockchain project, Yutai takari, General Policy Bureau of Japan's Ministry of finance, and Yusan kana, founder of bitfyer, Japan's largest exchange, will also attend the conference held in Tokyo in early October as speakers.
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