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Take stock of domestic so-called "blockchain" mobile phones: mining or washing and sleeping

Time : 15/03/2022 Author : znwdkx Click : + -
        The concept of blockchain is now very popular, and everyone wants to get involved with it. As a serious disaster area where blockchain speculation is rampant, China's mobile phone manufacturers have not missed this opportunity, trying to make a profit with the so-called "blockchain mobile phone". However, although S5 is a blockchain mobile phone, it has nothing to do with the current popular mining. Its essence is a smartphone + digital encrypted wallet. Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo Group, said: "S5 uses the" blockchain "technology at the bottom of the payment area system in the encrypted secure payment space & mdash; Z space, which can make payment more secure.". However, the digital encrypted wallet product was launched at least the year before last, and the price was only two or three hundred yuan.
        The Lenovo S5 is 999 yuan, but fortunately it can make a phone call. In January this year, the candy mobile phone and the ether fog foundation released the candy "Genesis" blockchain mobile phone, which is known as "the world's first blockchain mobile phone" The machine integrates the functions of blockchain wallet and mining machine, with a price of 3999 yuan. However, it may be different from what you think. The candy "Genesis" mobile phone does not dig digital cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and fire coin, but "candy points". The points can be used to buy physical store items and online service content of candy. Will the exchange of "candy points" with RMB be opened later? Is this another "curve saving" of ICO? We don't know.
        On March 16, Changhong, together with Unicorn community and Rongdu technology, also launched its own blockchain mobile phone & mdash& mdash; R8 Qilin, starting price 2999 yuan. Guo dexuan, chairman of Changhong, said: "this is the first mobile phone equipped with Unicorn blockchain specially developed by Changhong communication for unicorn." And it is very confident that it will curb centralized mining pools and reduce mining energy consumption. "Blockchain", "mining" and "ICO" are undoubtedly the hottest technology concepts and the hottest investment outlets in recent years. People in the financial circle, people in the hardware circle and people in the technology circle should all join in.
        Now we can see that even mobile phone manufacturers have come up, but it may be just a scratch. Do mobile phone manufacturers really understand blockchain? I don't think so. Do they really want to promote this technological progress? My motives are really doubtful. Mobile phone + blockchain has no practical value at present, and there is no breakthrough in technology or concept. It is just a lifesaving straw for mobile phone manufacturers to catch up with the wind and seek recovery. We hope that consumers will be calm when they pay, and we also hope that truly powerful software and hardware manufacturers will promote the development and progress of this technology, rather than transitional consumption hotspots and their own reputation. After all, those who don't plan for the world can't plan for a while. Money is easy to cheat, and debt is hard to repay. Think twice.
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