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Blockchain technology and design,How blockchain technology fights epidemic

Time : 27/09/2021 Author : d8hb59 Click : + -
        COVID-19 has forced medical scientists and researchers to quickly find innovative solutions. The speed of roll out can be largely attributed to the technology implemented in its development process. RNA, viral vector and spike protein technology play the largest role, and blockchain combined with artificial intelligence technology can help create a vaccine model. Researchers use natural language processing models to understand the structure of the virus, so as to predict which immune response will be triggered by potential treatment. This is how the vaccine approach and its content are determined. Before the virus spreads to the world, identifying the source of the virus and targeting the early epidemic is a key step to prevent the spread of another coronavirus.
        Blockchain tracking technology can help health organizations and local governments curb the epidemic from the source and minimize the need for large-scale blockades, because these blockades disrupt daily life and hinder the permanent operation of the economy. Early warning systems need to quickly identify the starting point of the virus. However, the tracking process is slow and requires a variety of strategies. Tons of food cross geographical boundaries every day, so it is difficult and time-consuming to track the source of infection. Through the blockchain, analysts can track currency transactions, trace back to the market where infected animals were sold, and identify the location and source of the initial transmission of the virus. More data analyzed by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology means more solutions.
        Preventing disease transmission requires real-time information and analysis. The progress of big data analysis through artificial intelligence is completely changing the way of data collection in health emergencies such as COVID-19. Take the application of Hedian medical landing scenario as an example, it can create flexible and powerful patient controlled electronic medical records by using the re encryption technology of the decentralized network encryption layer. It can encrypt all kinds of data, not only for storing and sharing the distributed ledger of medical data, but also for developing new software to realize more efficient data transmission of the existing data of the hospital. In addition, the artificial intelligence algorithm and the digital chain encryption technology scheme can filter the data collected from intelligent devices, desktop analyzers and hospital or pharmacy records, create a comprehensive data encryption network for scientists to analyze. By establishing a virus detection sensor network driven by artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and location tracking technology, local consultation and isolation can be implemented faster and more accurately, saving lives, And send an infection alert to nearby areas.
        Service efficiency: Based on the self controllable and data chain underlying platform, rapidly deploy smart contracts and connect the medical support platform to improve the efficiency of medical services. Data protection: in the links of user credit authorization, smart contract data processing and result uploading, the encryption algorithm is used to protect the privacy data of users and medical enterprises. Data flow: the distributed shared database built on the blockchain provides a dedicated desensitization data interface, breaks the data island, and realizes the multi-party flow of user medical record data. Privacy protection: according to the transaction ledger in the blockchain, the statistics and review of the patient's medical treatment are carried out, and the user's medical record data is linked in real time to provide efficient and transparent medical services.
        Data storage: link the medical record data, and the medical record can be checked and verified. The user's personal credit data is up linked. The user's personal credit data is up linked before the medical service contract is executed, and the user's personal credit data is updated and up linked after the business is completed. Unprecedented public policies have been implemented in various parts of the world to varying degrees. Scientists are facing the problem of solving a global epidemic, and they have little information, and people's contact with family and friends has been cut off. However, the experience gained during the rise of covid-19 in various fields, combined with the progress of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, can promote a new understanding of how to combat epidemics.
        With our existing tools, we can mitigate the impact of the new virus, so we hope that we will never see the scale of the pandemic again. Return to Sohu to see more.
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