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Storage consensus mechanism of storage public chain

Time : 08/02/2022 Author : tf6d5g Click : + -
        spanstyle=color:#666666;。 In the previous article, we said that the transaction process can be divided into three stages: transaction endorsement, transaction sequencing, transaction verification (bookkeeping). In a broad sense, the entire transaction process belongs to. Logical rules; Take encryption technology and cryptography as the security basis; So that the network protocol can be continued. Proof of work (POW): it can be simply understood as a proof that you have done a certain amount of work. Trends. We - SSCC technical team members (sorry, we may be the next Satoshi Nakamoto) think that the next wave of digital trading market.
        The total amount is 210 million, including 10.5 million fission mother currency of space matrix and 105 million open mining of POC. The technical team reserves no more than 5%. Height. However, many people haven't figured out what the personal computer Internet is. The mobile Internet is here. When we haven't figured out the mobile internet yet. Wang Donglin: IPFs does not automatically backup multiple copies. The node that pins this file stores a copy. This is related to the concept of the IPFs team: without the permission of the owner of this node, you can't push data to this node, otherwise there will be ethical problems (such as giving pornographic information to girls and giving taboo content to religious believers).
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