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What is the public chain in the blockchain and what is the use for chain trust,The first public storage chain of blockchain

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : wo71ye Click : + -
        The public chain is open to all people in the world, and everyone can become a node in the system to participate in the accounting blockchain. They usually combine the incentive mechanism with encrypted digital verification to reach a transaction consensus. Anyone in the world can read, anyone can send transactions, transactions can be effectively confirmed, and anyone can participate in the consensus process. In the public chain, any node can join or leave the network at any time without any permission. The advantages of public chain include: it can protect users from the influence of developers; All transaction data are disclosed by default; The access threshold is very low and anyone can access it as long as they have a networked computer.
        Large scale collaboration and sharing can be better realized through community incentive mechanism. As the underlying platform, the public chain can promote the whole society to enter the "trusted digital" era and truly open a new chapter of the "value Internet". On the one hand, the incentive mode is based on the block chain to promote the upgrading of the sharing economy to the sharing economy, which also conforms to the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and is a new platform economy at a higher level. On the other hand, the application of this blockchain based on the underlying public chain will also usher in a big explosion, and the DAPP era is coming. At present, the development status of public chain is basically the same. It is difficult to get rid of the four dilemmas of technology bottleneck, loss of developers, chaotic governance and lack of funds.
        However, quark [/ K6 quark blockchain (quark chain) is a blockchain project developed and maintained by QianChuan Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (Seychelles) In the early days. Later, it was transformed into a blockchain community for maintenance, mainly online integration. There are now thousands of active users. Quark blockchain encryption uses a protocol similar to bitcoin to ensure security. Quark blockchain aims to provide a distributed web and file network platform on which developers can develop and run dapps. Quark blockchain is the world's first distributed network developed in PHP. It is committed to building a new generation of Distributed Internet infrastructure technology using blockchain.
        It integrates the technology of blockchain with Internet infrastructure, and provides a platform for website hosting, file storage and distribution, and DAPP distribution. It will participate in the great process of Internet technology reform. Quark blockchain is a new type of decentralized protocol. It can safely store digital asset transactions or other data. Without the approval of any centralized organization, information cannot be forged or tampered with. Transactions can be digital assets, such as quark points or digital assets, such as creditor's rights, equity, copyright, etc. Blockchain technology has solved the problem of Byzantine Generals, greatly reduced the trust cost and accounting cost of the real economy, and redefined the property rights system in the Internet era.
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