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Yuzhong District People's Government of Chongqing Municipality

Time : 05/01/2022 Author : hv7sez Click : + -
        The measures for promoting the development of Chongqing urban block chain Digital Economy Industrial Park (for Trial Implementation) has been approved at the 123rd executive meeting of the district government, and is hereby printed and distributed to you. Please implement them carefully. Yuzhong district seizes the development opportunities of the blockchain industry, and formulates these measures in combination with the actual situation in order to expand and strengthen the blockchain industry innovation base (Park) in Chongqing and promote the development of the platform economy.
        Article 2 the scope of application of these measures: the market entities that are registered and taxed in the industrial and commercial administration of Chongqing block chain industrial innovation base (Park) and are recognized as blockchain enterprises (institutions, the same below). Article 3 support the investment promotion and landing of key blockchain enterprises. "One enterprise, one policy" and "one discussion" will be implemented for the leading market entities or blockchain application projects in Yuzhong District, which have great demonstration and driving effect on economic and social development, many tax contributions and strong blockchain technology innovation ability. It is determined that for the key enterprises that meet the requirements of blockchain technology and have demonstration drive for industrial innovation and development, 100% of their district level economic contribution will be rewarded each year in the first three years. Those who have enjoyed the "one enterprise, one policy" and other tax subsidies in the district will not enjoy them again.
        Article 4 subsidies for investment promotion and landing office space shall be provided to key blockchain enterprises. It is determined that for key enterprises and high growth enterprises that have demonstration drive in the development of qualified blockchain technology and industrial innovation, rent subsidies of no more than 50 yuan per square meter per month for the first three years shall be given to office buildings (excluding affiliated canteens, garages, warehouses, subleases, change of use, vacant houses, etc.) rented for their own use. The maximum area of the above subsidies shall not exceed 2000 square meters; Ex post subsidy is adopted. Those who have enjoyed office space subsidies such as "one enterprise and one policy" in the district will not enjoy them again. Article 5 support blockchain industry organizations and scientific research institutions to settle in.
        If national, provincial (municipal) level blockchain industry alliances (associations, federations, etc.) settle in the district and actually operate, they will be given an operation subsidy of no more than 1 million yuan per year in the first three years after assessment. Support national research institutions, academicians and experts to establish blockchain laboratories (R & D centers, etc.); Enterprises are encouraged to cooperate with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to establish technology innovation alliances, research institutes, key laboratories and research and development centers around the leading industries of the blockchain. According to the evaluation, the maximum operating subsidy of not more than 1 million yuan is given each year in the first three years. Article 6 support the construction of blockchain incubators or platforms. For incubators or platforms with a use area of more than 3000 square meters, typical cases incubated every year, no less than 3 invention patents, and application scenarios at or above the municipal level, after confirmation, they will be given an annual operation subsidy of no more than 1 million yuan in the first three years.
        Article 7 support core technology research and development and standard preparation. Support blockchain technology projects; It focuses on supporting the independent innovation research of core technologies such as blockchain encryption algorithm, distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, smart contract, digital certificate storage authentication, etc. according to the review of scientific research type and prospect evaluation, after approval, the R & D subsidy will be granted at the rate of no more than 3 million yuan. Upon recognition, those who have obtained international blockchain technology invention patents (PCT recognition under the Patent Cooperation Treaty) will be rewarded with no more than 100000 yuan per piece. For the national blockchain technology invention patent, the reward shall be no more than 50000 yuan per piece. For the completion of blockchain technology copyright registration, computer software copyright registration and other matters, a reward of 10000 yuan per piece will be given.
        The blockchain scientific and technological achievements that have won the provincial (municipal) level or above science and technology awards and implemented the application scenario transformation will be rewarded at the national level of not more than 1 million yuan and at the provincial (municipal) level of not more than 500000 yuan. The enterprises (Institutions) that lead the preparation of international, national, industrial (local) blockchain technology and scenario application standards will be awarded no more than 1 million, 500000 and 300000 respectively according to international standards, national standards and industrial (local) standards. For those newly identified as national, provincial (municipal) level research centers (institutes), key laboratories and technology centers, after examination and approval, they shall be appropriately matched and rewarded according to the corresponding funding or rewards.
        Article 9 encourage the development of various blockchain application scenarios. Yuzhong District sets up a batch of blockchain government affairs application projects every year to increase the openness of blockchain government affairs application scenarios. We will vigorously support the commercial, political and civil use of blockchain, and subsidize a batch of public chain or alliance chain construction projects every year. The number of public chain construction projects has reached more than 100 nodes, and the effective transaction volume has accumulated more than 10000; For alliance chain construction projects with more than 50 nodes and more than 3000 effective transactions, 50% of the actual R & D investment will be subsidized. The maximum subsidy for each public chain project shall not exceed 3 million yuan, and the maximum subsidy for each alliance chain project shall not exceed 1 million yuan.
        Subsidies shall be assessed afterwards. Article 10 stimulate the vitality of the industry. Blockchain enterprises, institutions, industrial associations, alliances and other organizations are encouraged to carry out investment and financing roadshows, achievement promotion, resource docking, cultural salons, scene experience, application display, maker lecture, knowledge exhibition and other activities, and to hold various blockchain forums, summits or innovation competitions. After assessing the activity level, scale, effect and influence according to the principle of post subsidy, The maximum subsidy is not more than 1 million yuan. Article 11 implement the blockchain application project selection and Innovation Competition Award plan. Based on the demand, accelerate the application of blockchain projects, hold a blockchain application project selection and innovation competition every one to two years, select more than 10 blockchain application demonstration projects, and give a reward of no more than 500000 yuan for each project.
        Its award-winning projects can give priority to application pilot projects to promote the integrated development of blockchain technology and economy and society, and form the demonstration effect of blockchain application scenarios. Article 12 support the investment and financing of enterprises. Enterprises that obtain loans from financial institutions for the development of blockchain can be granted 100% interest subsidy of the bank's benchmark loan interest rate for the same period in the first three years after annual approval. Establish and give full play to the role of blockchain industry investment funds, and leverage municipal funds, social science and innovation funds and other special funds for blockchain science and innovation investment. Encourage social investment funds to set up blockchain science and technology investment funds in Yuzhong District and enjoy corresponding financial support policies. The specific fund establishment plan shall be formulated separately.
        Article 13 cultivate and introduce high-end blockchain talents. For the senior executives and core technical personnel of the key enterprises and high growth enterprises that are invested and settled in the name of academicians and doctors and set up research institutes, after confirmation, with reference to the district level economic contribution formed by their wages and salaries, 100% of the income tax will be given for the first three years to provide convenient policies for their medical treatment and children's education in Yuzhong District. Strengthen the cooperation between Yuzhong District government and relevant universities, professional institutions, talent bases or industrial parks across the country, and organize the training of blockchain senior talents and blockchain chief operating officers. Article 14 the Yuzhong District government establishes the "special fund for blockchain technology and industrial innovation and development" (hereinafter referred to as "special fund for blockchain") to ensure the implementation of these measures.
        Article 15 for the same matter or the same project that conforms to the provisions of these measures, and also conforms to the provisions of other support policies of the district (including the requirements of the superior department for supporting or undertaking funds in the district), the principle of "from high to no repetition" shall be followed. Enterprises enjoying various subsidies and incentive funds under these Measures shall submit a letter of commitment, promising that the registered tax payment place shall not move away from Yuzhong District, not reduce the registered capital, and not change the statistical relationship within 15 years. If the enterprise or institution violates the commitment, the district government will have the right to recover the subsidies, rewards and support funds that have been issued. Policy interpretation of the notice of the people's Government of Yuzhong District of Chongqing on printing and distributing the measures for promoting the development of Chongqing urban block chain Digital Economy Industrial Park (for Trial Implementation).
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