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Equipped with blockchain technology, qianmeng art and Dunhuang launched the flying theme 3D skin

Time : 13/08/2022 Author : rsqzjw Click : + -
        On August 17, it was reported that qianmeng art, a high-quality original platform in the field of domestic cultural and creative arts, and Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute jointly released the meta universe 3D skin of Dunhuang Flying sky theme. It is understood that the Dunhuang Flying sky will be exposed in 3D in the qianmeng yuan universe, bringing a new visual experience to users. The skin will be officially released on August 19, and users can view and use it in the qianmeng yuan universe app officially launched in September. Qianmeng yuancosmos implements the core concept of qianmeng art "5000 years up and down, art enlightenment". Starting from the concept of three fairy mountains (fanghu, Yingzhou and Penglai) in Chinese Taoist mythology and one pool and three mountains in the traditional garden, qianmeng yuancosmos has built a social and game platform for the meta universe & mdash& mdash; Penglai fairyland.
        In Penglai fairyland, there are various fairy islands with the theme of each historical period of 5000 years in China. The islands are connected by the original IP image Mengmeng sauce. At the same time, each user will have his own unique character image and can shuttle back and forth. This time, Dunhuang Feitian skin completed online rights confirmation through blockchain technology, and users can obtain a unique number after purchase. Dunhuang skin will also become the first social asset in qianmeng yuanuniverse. After purchasing this type of skin, users will get the unique Emoji pack in the yuanuniverse, and can use it to interact in social activities. It is reported that qianmeng art is a high-quality platform in the field of domestic digital art. Based on the digital art industry, it will be Multi Chain & amp; Cross chain technology is applied in the field of intellectual property rights, with the confirmation, dissemination and circulation of digital art as the starting point, providing a one-stop collection, display, game and social experience for the majority of digital art lovers.
        At present, qianmeng platform has successfully connected to Baidu super chain, ant alliance chain, BSN, Zhixin chain and other domestic head bottom chains; At the same time, qianmeng has always insisted on legal and compliant operation. At present, it has obtained licenses and qualifications including EDI (online data processing and transaction processing business), ICP (information service business), network culture business license, artwork business unit filing, blockchain technology information service filing, etc. "The metauniverse and digital art are in a period of chaos and exploration, and the business model and business model are not clear. In this environment, compliance is particularly important," said the person in charge of qianmeng. "On the premise of compliance, qianmeng hopes to help more traditional industries, cultural IP and brands to spread and break the circle through new technologies and models, so as to achieve new growth.".
        It is understood that the 3D skin of the Dunhuang Flying sky theme was authorized by the Dunhuang Institute of fine arts, and the qianmeng design team made a second creation design based on the works collected by the Dunhuang Institute of fine arts. Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute is a research institution approved by Dunhuang municipal government in 2004. Its main task is to implement the regulations on the protection of traditional arts and crafts of the State Council, undertake the copying, exploration, research, inheritance and promotion of Dunhuang fine arts, and provide the society with platforms such as Dunhuang Arts and crafts information, talent training, academic exchange and achievement transformation, so as to reshape the beauty of Dunhuang Art and strengthen the social dissemination and penetration of Dunhuang art, Let the Dunhuang culture with a long history and rich spiritual civilization fully integrate into the people's life.
        In fact, the Dunhuang Flying skin designed and created by qianmeng team not only maintains the original beauty of Dunhuang art works, but also adds a younger design concept, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people. According to the introduction, the Dunhuang Flying theme skin is divided into four types, with the theme of Dunhuang musical instruments, including pipa, waist drum, vertical harp and flute, which respectively show the beauty of Dunhuang in different styles. As a new direction of the Web3 era, the meta universe has been widely concerned; At present, local governments are also actively making arrangements, including Shanghai, Wuhan and other places, which have issued plans and measures to support the development of yuancosmos industry. The meta universe white paper released by the consulting company analysis group also shows that the market scale of the meta universe related industries will reach 80 trillion US dollars in the future.
        Under this background, qianmeng art combines its own design and technical advantages to make a layout in advance and strive to provide new value for users, brands and IP in the Web3 era.
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