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What is the fire blockchain?

Time : 08/08/2022 Author : cm1db6 Click : + -
        Overnight, the blockchain concept that has been "behind the scenes" broke into the public's view. When many people are still "in a fog" about this concept, it has already ignited a fire in the capital market. For a time, as long as it is a listed company connected with the "blockchain", the stock price starts to rise sharply. On the subway, we can hear aunts discussing: "hurry up to invest in the blockchain project. It is said that this thing is more valuable than the Pearl Necklace!". At present, the most expensive "cloud cat" was sold on the morning of December 3, 2017, exceeding 800000 yuan. On the official website, these "cloud cats" are still being auctioned and sold, with some starting prices of more than 2 billion yuan.
        "Cloud cat raising" is the first digital game based on blockchain technology. In the final analysis, it is a virtual game created by using the desires of those who love cats but cannot raise cats in the real world. Anyone in the world can buy a "cloud cat". In addition to fun and reproduction, each "cloud cat" has 256 genomes and different combinations of gene sequences, which are unique. After two "cloud cats" are paired, a brand-new cat will be generated. This newly generated cat has the characteristics of both parents, but is not exactly the same as the parents. According to the "randomness of breeding system" set by the program, some "best products" may appear in these newly generated cats, such as special whiskers, pupils or lucky numbers.
        At this time, its value doubled. In addition, some people began to share their own experience in raising cats on the live broadcast platform, and share and discuss how to breed a "best cloud cat". Just as bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency truly owned by individuals in human history, "cloud cat" has become the first virtual cat truly owned by individuals in human history. Blockchain is an important concept of bitcoin. In essence, it is a decentralized database. The transaction data is supervised by many nodes, thus forming an open and transparent public account to protect the interests of both parties, instead of relying on a third party such as Alipay to supervise the transaction process in the past.
        Ethereum, which is used in transactions on the blockchain, is similar to bitcoin. It is also a kind of online transaction currency, and can also be said to be a game currency. They can be converted into currency in circulation on the legal trading market. If bitcoin has created the initial world of the whole blockchain, the Ethereum platform using Ethereum has sublimated the world of bitcoin through the successful combination of game applications and blockchain, allowing the blockchain to enter the "era of smart contracts". Perhaps you still think that buying and selling a virtual cat is not a very serious thing, but you should know that in the future, more virtual items may join the blockchain market and bring greater explosion.
        In fact, many popular online celebrities have not received very high material returns. What they benefit from is the platform. Online celebrities have spent a lot of time and energy in making videos. If the praise and watching can be directly converted into cash incentives, the creative enthusiasm of the celebrities will be higher. The red domain project team has built a decentralized online Red platform. The webmaster uploads short videos and obtains KOL tokens according to the number of views and likes. The platform algorithm will be notarized by the blockchain, eliminating the possibility of cheating by the platform side, and also subject to independent third-party audit at any time. So, what is the legendary KOL? KOL is a token that is convenient for circulation in the Ethereum community. As a value token of the online popular live broadcasting industry, KOL provides value circulation support for the red man ecological application.
        The red domain will integrate the KNC system and support one click conversion KOL of all Ethereum currencies. Red domain is a short video community app customized for live network celebrities, which encourages red people to create excellent video works and get KOL rewards. The account system of red domain users is built on the public chain of the blockchain. Hongrenzan app is also an application scenario of KOL. It connects online celebrities, brokerage companies, advertising companies and terminal advertising users, integrates encrypted wallets, and end users can directly purchase KOL at the market price to pay for advertising and endorsements. Hongren VR live shopping mall is also KOL's application scenario. The product price calls KOL's market price to change in real time, showing both KOL and RMB price. Users can directly purchase goods with KOL.
        Yes, Meitu is the Meitu who makes pictures and mobile phones. Recently, the stock price of Meitu company soared 11.01% to HK $12.3, and the market value also returned to HK $50 billion. It is said that it is related to the blockchain. Prior to this, Cai Wensheng, chairman of Meitu, had stated his position in public, indicating his concern for blockchain technology. He said that blockchain is a cognitive revolution. Its economic core is not technology, but the reconstruction of business logic. Earlier, Cai Wensheng also invested in the bitcoin trading platform okcoin, which subsequently announced that it would gradually transform into a blockchain application and development company. However, in the previous application of blockchain technology, blockchain was mostly used in finance, insurance and other fields, and it felt that it could not compete with Meitu, which did photography and women's business.
        So what are the application scenarios for Meitu if it wants to do blockchain?. Some experts said that Meitu's blockchain might first be implemented in its e-commerce business. The combination of blockchain and e-commerce can realize source tracing, solve the problem of genuine products of e-commerce, and also solve the problem of bill brushing. On the 11th and 12th of every year, there are always people who suspect that they have bought fake goods. This is a common problem in domestic e-commerce platforms. As the connection point between merchants and users, the platform is almost the only party responsible for auditing. This mode will not only increase the operating cost of the platform, but also face the doubts of consumers about its credit mechanism. Last year, Alibaba and took advantage of blockchain technology to crack down on counterfeits. also established an anti-counterfeiting tracking platform specifically using blockchain technology and applied it to food, mother and baby products, Baijiu, luxury goods and other counterfeit products in the disaster areas.
        The decentralized advantage of the blockchain makes it naturally match with the e-commerce business. At the same time, the "tamper proof and unique" feature will also solve the credit problem. On the blockchain, every transaction will be recorded on all participants. No matter who has a problem, you can query. In fact, blockchain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, ICO and all kinds of "tokens". After the domestic regulatory authorities called for the suspension of ICO and strict control of bitcoin transactions, transactions between various "tokens" and fiat currencies turned to off-site and overseas. While various kinds of "token" transactions are booming, many companies have been involved in the concept of "blockchain", including established Internet companies such as Renren, Tianya and Xunlei.
        By the end of last week, 36 A-share listed companies had announced their involvement in blockchain business. According to a report of wintergreen research, IBM and Microsoft have occupied the largest share of the blockchain products and services market with a total size of more than 700 million US dollars. From December 15 to 18 last year, Longfin, an American new stock, soared 12 times in two days because of the blockchain concept. On January 4, China network announced before the online market that it would cooperate with Wuxi Jingtong technology to develop the blockchain industry and related technologies, with a single day increase of 698.29%. The share price of overstock, a blockchain concept stock with a digital currency exchange under its name, has increased five times in half a year.
        Xunlei's share price increased 5.5 times in 4 months due to the introduction of the virtual token "play token" based on the blockchain technology. These undoubtedly reveal the prospect of blockchain. Blockchain has features and functions that the existing technology does not have, and its application in some fields is subversive. However, the blockchain is still in the initial stage and its development is extremely immature. However, hot money in the market is pouring in. This kind of investment without output and only supported by concepts is too risky. One of the characteristics of blockchain is decentralization. Therefore, some people think that decentralization can subvert everything. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. It is not omnipotent. In fact, many scenarios are not suitable for blockchain. The breakthrough point of blockchain technology will be where the centralized application can not do well, while the scenarios where the centralized application can do well are not suitable for blockchain.
        Another major feature of blockchain is to establish mechanical trust. However, in practical application, we should also consider whether blockchain technology is required to establish trust mechanism in this scenario.
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