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Popular blockchain mall,680000 members have been developed, and these Internet catchwords have become the clothing of the middle-aged and old people who fall into pyramid schemes

Time : 21/01/2022 Author : u9l0ox Click : + -
        When it comes to MLM, most people still stay in the traditional cognition of "face-to-face promotion". However, with the development of the Internet in recent years, the form of MLM organizations has quietly "changed" and quietly infiltrated into the lives of ordinary people. "Blockchain", "cloud computing" and "big data", which are familiar to young people, have become a disguise for the middle-aged and old people to fall into the mire of pyramid marketing. Ji, who lives in Xinbei District, is a sanitation worker. She is 50 years old and has a junior high school education. Although her education level is not high, she has certain social experience and common sense of life. If she is a traditional pyramid marketing organization, she will take precautions. However, the "cloud convergence" platform she encountered was a pyramid marketing organization under the guise of e-commerce, which was difficult to identify for a time and led her to go astray.
        In addition, she is a local and has many relatives and friends around her. She has a "natural advantage" in MLM. Finally, she violated the law due to her momentary confusion, which makes people deeply sorry. The "cloud convergence UK" platform was established in Guizhou in 2016, claiming to be "an integrated e-commerce platform focusing on software development, cloud computing and big data management", and even claimed to be "the main data collection unit of Guizhou big data exchange, belonging to the national project". However, in fact, it is a pyramid marketing organization with the main development mode of developing offline and attracting people. The operation mode of the MLM organization is to pay 900 yuan to become a member first, and then the members recommend other members to join and become their offline members. When the number of offline members reaches the corresponding number, they will get the corresponding income. There are 13 levels, the highest level is "President ambassador", and the daily income can reach 21600 yuan.
        Introduced by Liang and others in Guangzhou, Ji introduced the platform to Changzhou and promoted it through wechat groups and word of mouth. In May this year, the intermediate people's Court of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, made a final judgment on the mega pyramid marketing case of "yunjiying". The founders and organizers of the pyramid marketing organization were all punished by law. According to the electronic data judicial identification, the pyramid marketing organization has 73 levels, more than 680000 members, and the total payment of members is more than 5.3 billion yuan. Among them, it was determined that the informant of Ji's development constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid marketing activities. Accordingly, he was sentenced to one year and seven months' imprisonment and a fine of 30000 yuan. It can be seen from the case of "cloud converging Britain" that the case involves a wide range of people and large funds.
        Through research and analysis, this pyramid marketing organization has four obvious characteristics, which enable it to spread rapidly:. First, with the development of the Internet, the organization quietly "changed its face" and put on the false mask of "e-commerce". In the later period, it directly referred to "Taobao Mall" and "Jingdong Mall" and renamed it "Pegasus mall". It is known as "a major project benefiting the country and the people, aiming to achieve a win-win situation. It not only helps to unblock the sales channels of local products, but also provides convenience for the people to buy.". They brainwashed members through this set of arguments, which was quite confusing;. Second, most of the members of the organization are middle-aged and old people, and their education level is not high. In addition, they usually communicate less with children and other young people, and communicate more with their peers. The overall ability of the circle to resist the new pyramid marketing trap is weak, and it is easy to be deceived; Third, the cost of joining the organization is not high, i.e. 900 yuan can join the organization, and the income promised in the later period is high, which is a great temptation to the middle-aged and old people who have a certain amount of savings but have a single investment channel; Fourth, the development of the Internet has accelerated the dissemination of information and increased the difficulty of information supervision. The organization disseminates information through wechat groups, which is fast and wide-ranging. When the platform's capital chain is not broken, it is difficult for the judicial authorities to detect.
        This case is a typical consumer pyramid scheme with the help of e-commerce platform. In addition, concepts such as "virtual currency", "blockchain", "financial products" and "online games" have also become the major disaster areas of pyramid scheme crimes. As ordinary people, we need to heighten our vigilance and learn to judge the MLM after "face changing" through such obvious characteristics as "head pulling", "team remuneration" and "membership fee". At the same time, in this new era of technological upgrading and life changing with each passing day, young people should pay more attention to and accompany the middle-aged and old people at home, do a good job in explaining and publicizing to them in a timely manner, help them stay away from the trap of cyber crime, build a firewall, and keep their pension money.
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