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Beijing launched the application pilot of blockchain electronic ordinary invoice

Time : 29/04/2022 Author : zkmp09 Click : + -
        Zhongxin Jingwei client on March 3 - the State Administration of Taxation announced on the website of Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau that it decided to carry out the application pilot of blockchain electronic ordinary invoice (hereinafter referred to as electronic ordinary invoice) in Beijing. On February 2, the State Administration of Taxation and the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau issued the announcement on matters related to the implementation of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices, which introduced that in combination with the series of work deployment of the State Administration of Taxation on the reform of "release, management and service", it decided to organize and carry out the pilot application of electronic ordinary invoices based on blockchain technology under the technical and policy conditions. The announcement made it clear that the scope of issuing electronic ordinary invoices mainly includes taxable goods, labor services and service items except for special invoices for value-added tax, ordinary invoices for value-added tax (including unified invoices for motor vehicle sales and used vehicle sales), and electronic ordinary invoices for value-added tax.
        According to the announcement, blockchain electronic invoice is to use blockchain distributed ledger, smart contract, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other technologies to ensure the issuance, storage, transmission, anti-counterfeiting and information security of electronic invoice. It has the characteristics of complete traceability of the whole process and information can not be tampered with. In the way of private chain or alliance chain, it will build a new e-invoice ecology of "Trinity" of tax department, invoice issuing party and invoice receiving party. The invoicing party realizes the functions of invoice application, issuance, verification and posting on the chain; The bill acceptor realizes the chain storage, circulation and reimbursement; The whole process supervision of the tax bureau realizes paperless intelligent tax management. Taxpayers do not need to copy the tax declaration process, nor do they need to purchase any special hardware equipment and professional equipment. They only need to use mobile phones or ordinary computers connected to the Internet to realize invoicing.
        Technology update, higher efficiency and lower cost. In terms of the pilot scope, the announcement proposes that the State Administration of Taxation and the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau will gradually carry out the pilot promotion of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices in Beijing. At present, some taxpayers' parking general invoices and scenic spot park tickets are selected for promotion. In the later stage, taxpayers in other industries will be included in the pilot scope of blockchain electronic general invoices.
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