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"Grass economy" is favored by capital again, and the platform is still on the way to explore diversified business models

Time : 12/12/2021 Author : lpez18 Click : + -
        Xiaohongshu recently completed a new round of US $500 million financing, led by Temasek and Tencent, followed by Alibaba, Tiantu investment, Yuansheng capital and other old shareholders. The post investment valuation is as high as US $20 billion. In this regard, xiaohongshu said that the current round of financing is mainly based on the increase of old shareholders. Casa: more and more users are beginning to be "stuck" by xiaohongshu. Good things grow grass, local strategies, and even long videos. To a certain extent, xiaohongshu has achieved something that Ctrip, Dianping, and even Tiktok have failed to do at the content level. From its rising dau, we can see that it is gradually occupying the minds of users. Although xiaohongshu has not been developed at the e-commerce level, its advertising revenue is not comparable, which is also the reason why it is favored by capital.
        As a content platform, xiaohongshu's advertising revenue is the largest, and it still needs to seek a diversified business model. Overall, xiaohongshu has really become a role that can not be ignored unconsciously. The shortage of chips and the shortage of supply will inevitably lead to an increase in chip prices. Foreign media reports show that the chip supplier MediaTek has informed customers that it will increase chip prices... MediaTek informed customers in November that they will increase chip prices by an average of 10% & mdash; 15%, higher than the 5% - 10% increase expected by external investors... Chips are very important in smart phones and other electronic products, and they also account for an important proportion in the cost. If MediaTek increases the chip price, it will certainly affect the cost of related products. If terminal equipment manufacturers do not raise the price of products, their profit space will be compressed.
        Cheese: unlike Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm and even apple, MediaTek's chips are widely used in various devices with poor overall performance, such as televisions, refrigerators and even car machines. These devices with seemingly poor computing performance just support modern life. Once MediaTek's price rises, I'm afraid these products will also rise. If digital products can still be used in the short term, let's continue to make do. Granular sauce: as an important "new species" in the development of digital economy, metauniverse integrates 5g, VR, AR, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge digital technologies. It will become the next stage of Internet development, and will be the main battlefield of the new generation of information technology innovation and entrepreneurship. The curtain of Internet reform has been opened.
        With the advent of the "meta universe" boom, VR / AR, ultra high definition video, cloud computing, blockchain and other industrial chains have witnessed a collective explosion. The Ministry of industry and information technology interpreted the notice on carrying out awareness raising actions of information and communication services, which pointed out that a list of personal information shared with third parties should be established. Using the third-party SDK and other third-party services has become a common technical means in the process of app development and operation. While helping the rapid realization of APP function services, it also causes some problems that infringe on the rights and interests of users. In this regard, the Ministry of industry and information technology requires enterprises to list the basic information of users' personal information shared by app and third parties in the secondary menu, including the type of personal information shared with third parties, the purpose of use, the use scenario and the sharing method.
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