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Do something! 30 blockchain companies plan to split Libra to create stable currency openlibra

Time : 23/06/2022 Author : g7l8mz Click : + -
        On the first day of the Mars financial app, according to coindesk, 30 different blockchain companies and non-profit organizations plan to fork out the Libra encryption project led by Facebook and create a new cryptocurrency called openlibra. At the Ethereum Developer Conference DevCon, Lucas & middot, co-founder of wireline, a blockchain infrastructure startup; Lucas Geiger announced that they will fork code and community to create a new cryptocurrency openlibra. He said that openlibra would act as a stable currency linked to the actual Libra cryptocurrency.
        It is reported that openlibra's core team includes representatives from Cosmos, chainlink, Web3, democracyearth and other blockchain projects, as well as representatives from non-profit organizations such as the Danish Red Cross. Currently, there are 30 blockchain companies and non-profit organizations. Mars finance app learned that at present, openlibra project has released an unlicensed version of Libra virtual machine on GitHub. Unlike Facebook's Libra, the code calculation on openlibra (called "movemint") will run on the tendermint blockchain software specially designed for use on public blockchain platforms such as cosmos.
        Geiger said that any content running on Facebook's Libra can be dragged and dropped to openlibra. The financial position will be consistent and the code will play the same role.
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