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Bai Jianmin of ant financial: the opportunity of blockchain patent layout lies in solving the technical bottleneck

Time : 14/07/2022 Author : 7knsul Click : + -
        Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 30 (Meng Xin) nowadays, the value of patents for blockchain technology is constantly recognized. How can enterprises use blockchain patent layout to promote application landing and obtain the strategic commanding point of technology and market competition? On the 29th, at the 2018 global blockchain intellectual property summit hosted by iprdaily and China Institute of information and communications, Bai Jianmin, vice president and chief intellectual property legal officer of ant financial services group, said that the solution to the blockchain technology bottleneck is an opportunity for the blockchain patent layout, and the challenge lies in the restrictions at the legislative level. In Bai Jianmin's view, blockchain is not a new technology. It is an innovative combination application of many mature technologies such as P2P network, encryption and decryption, distributed storage, and consensus algorithm.
        He said that the "white paper" published in November 2008 announced the basic concept of blockchain, but did not apply for a patent based on the white paper. "It can be said that the white paper has contributed the open blockchain technology to mankind.". Why is there no large-scale application of blockchain? Bai Jianmin believes that there are still many difficulties to be solved in the privacy protection of blockchain technology in the distributed ledger, the intercommunication between Multi Chain platforms, and the consensus algorithm in the deployment of wide area networks of 100 to 1000 nodes. The bigger challenge is beyond technology, that is, to reach consensus among all parties. "Blockchain patents that cannot achieve commercial success are worthless.
        ”He said. Public information shows that blockchain technology patent applications have entered a rapid growth stage. The domestic layout is slightly later than the global layout, and the layout is changing with each passing day. As of August 10, 2018, Alibaba ranked first in the number of blockchain patent applications in the world with 90, most of which came from ant financial. Bai Jianmin said that the patent war has become increasingly fierce in the field of science and technology. However, China's blockchain patents have not yet formed a "winner takes all" situation. A large number of blockchain patents are related to various scenarios. The occurrence of the patent war must be driven by great commercial value. He predicted that there would be no patent war in the blockchain field within five years. "Blockchain technology is still facing the challenge of patent protection at the legislative level, and the protection attitude of functional institutions in various countries is different.
        ”Bai Jianmin said that many underlying technologies of the blockchain are highly difficult and challenging. Such as privacy protection, platform architecture, data storage, consensus mechanism, cryptology algorithm application, smart contract, deep integration application and other blockchain technologies are undisputed as the objects of patent protection, but they still face great challenges in three aspects& mdash;& mdash; Should pure algorithms be protected by patents? There was a case in the Supreme Court of the United States that "pure algorithms" are not protected by patents. European patent protection for pure algorithms is also excluded. If blockchain technology wants to make a breakthrough, it must make a breakthrough in "pure algorithm" technology. Whoever can make a breakthrough in algorithm technology can lead the development of technology on blockchain.
        At present, artificial intelligence faces the same problem. Algorithm is the most essence technology of artificial intelligence. At present, only algorithms in application scenarios are protected by patents& mdash;& mdash; Should pure information format be protected by patent? Blockchain is actually a new information format, but there are also challenges in patent protection, such as the structural design or call technology of smart contracts& mdash;& mdash; Should the pure business model of blockchain be protected by patents? For example, the originality of music works is not only a problem in the application of blockchain, but the world holds different views on the protection of business models. The United States is based on the principle of protection, while Europe is basically unprotected, while China is exploring whether to strengthen protection.
        At present, there are many pure business models combined with blockchain. Should they be protected? How to protect? This is an issue that needs attention.
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