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Sichuan Association for promotion of ecological civilization organized a delegation of experts to Lezhi county to investigate the blockchain pig breeding project

Time : 03/08/2021 Author : e0t3zc Click : + -
        International online news from Sichuan (Zuo Renyi): Recently, Yu Guocheng, President of Sichuan ecological civilization promotion association and former deputy director of Sichuan water resources department, Luo Yi, deputy director of the steering committee of Sichuan ecological civilization promotion association and former director of Sichuan Animal Husbandry and food department, Guo Junying, Deputy Secretary General of China farmers Entrepreneurs Association, Cao Hejian, Secretary General of Sichuan ecological civilization promotion association and director of training center of China farmers Entrepreneurs Association Liao Ming, director of the health agriculture professional committee of Sichuan ecological civilization promotion association, and other leaders and experts visited Lezhi county of Ziyang City. Liu Jianhua, deputy secretary of the county Party committee of Lezhi county, Ziyang City, and Cai Hua, deputy director of the agriculture office of the county Party committee, accompanied the investigation and introduced the relevant situation.
        The delegation went deep into the Shuanghe pig breeding professional cooperative in Longmen Township, Lezhi county, which is also the bit pig breeding demonstration base set up by Chengdu longchain technology. It praised the establishment of standardized pig farms and the development of green breeding and planting industry by the pig breeding professional cooperative, which gathered five main bodies, including large enterprises, assistance enterprises, cooperatives, poor households and large planting households, to form a mutually beneficial, win-win, risk sharing, long-term and stable green circular economy, At the same time, he highly recognized the cooperative's innovative application of blockchain and Internet technology in the pig breeding industry, and required the cooperative to strictly follow the requirements and standards of the competent authorities while developing, and put forward guiding opinions on the next development.
        Jiang Xuelian, the person in charge of Chengdu longchain technology bit pig project (Lezhi), introduced that the project uses the tamper proof technology of the blockchain. The anti-counterfeiting tag integrates the national security algorithm, chaos principle, laser optics, mobile app intelligent dynamic image scanning, cloud data is more difficult to copy, copy and recycle than peer-to-peer technology, and ensures the uniqueness of goods from the source to the terminal. Through the combination of blockchain, Internet of things and anti-counterfeiting technology, each pig is provided with an ID card. The blockchain technology provided by longchain technology can dynamically record the information of each pig from the piglet to the adult pig in real time to ensure that it is tamperable, authentic and reliable, and solve the problem from the source.
        The advantage of blockchain is that it can complete end-to-end recording, data transmission, authentication and contract execution as soon as possible, while ensuring that information cannot be forged and tampered with and transmitted to the network at the same time. When the Internet is added with blockchain, it becomes a value Internet, so that assets and values can be transmitted on the network. 1. "International online" is sponsored by China Radio International. Authorized by China Radio International, Guoguang international online network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is solely responsible for the market operation of the "international online" website. 2. Without written authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to reprint, extract, copy or use in other ways all the information content marked "source: International online" on this website.
        3. "International online" own copyright information (including but not limited to "international online monograph", "international online news", "international online XX news", "international online report", "international online XX report" and other information contents, except those clearly marked as third-party copyright) is uniformly managed and sold by Guoguang International online network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The authorized person who has obtained the authorization of Guoguang international online network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. shall use it strictly within the scope of authorization, and shall not use it beyond the scope, and shall indicate "source: International online" when using it. Those who violate the above statement will be investigated for relevant legal responsibilities.
        Any company, media, website and individual that has not signed the relevant agreement with Guoguang international online network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. or obtained the authorization shall not have the right to sell or use the proprietary copyright information products of the "international online" website. Otherwise, Guoguang international online network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will take legal measures to protect its legitimate rights and interests, and all losses and expenses incurred therefrom (including but not limited to lawyer's fees, litigation fees, travel expenses, notarization fees, etc.) shall be borne by the infringer.
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