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Zhejiang blockchain NFT development company | million US dollars, NFT, the free artist behind the collection

Time : 25/10/2021 Author : 30kbom Click : + -
        As far as the NFT world is concerned, the real leaders of pudgypanguins are the founders who code changes and sell projects to potential buyers. Mingo took art seriously for the first time at his school in Woodbridge, Virginia. He painted portraits of his favorite basketball players and tried to capture small details from the game. As he grew older, he began to accept small commissions & mdash& mdash; First, make album covers for local Woodbridge rappers, and then make logos for local enterprises. Every show leads to another show. After graduation, he began to study graphic design and typesetting rules at the community university.
        They are vital skills, but he is frustrated by the slow development of his freelance career. Looking back now, he remembers that that period was the nadir of his life as an artist. "To be honest, I don't even know if [clients] are so interested in art," he said. In order to find new challenges, Mingo found upwork, a performance platform for graphic designers. Upwork is controversial for some artists & mdash& mdash; In particular, a 20% cut, sometimes even a sudden labor policy – mdash& mdash; But for Mingo, it's perfect.
        He can find shows from all over the world, usually paying much higher fees than local customers. It also gives him the opportunity to learn about his competitors and learn from the works of other artists. His first job was designing Rugby sweatshirts for someone in Australia. He began to dabble in logo design and learn the skills to succeed on the platform. He still had to work part-time to make a living, but he began to learn games. Then he got a very interesting NFT project performance. At that time, he knew little about NFT, but thought that cryptocurrency was very unstable, and one of his friends lost a lot of money at the wrong market opportunity.
        The initial salary was only $150, which was more for consulting and discussing ideas than for producing finished products. He is not used to cartoon style, and the trait system adopted by most NFT collections is brand new to him. "I was usually a realist artist, but [the founder] really wanted me to draw these simple penguins," he recalls. "When I draw them, I think of the penguins in Mario 64.". Coletheum, the founder of pudgy penguins, showed him how to build individual features on the same Penguin base shape so that features can be exchanged to create new tokens.
        Antoine created a series of hats, clothes, glasses and color schemes & mdash& mdash; There are more than 100 unique features in total. Some penguins with unique backgrounds and themes are mixed in as a very rare discovery. Once Mingo submitted these features, the developers combined them into 8888 images, which was the first batch of pudgypenguinnft. The finished product has brought rich returns: Ethereum of $23000 and $37000. Two weeks later, coletheum extended a helping hand and praised the success of the project.
        Because he had no contact with nfttwitter, Mingo did not know that the dwarf penguins would be so successful. Soon, the founder appeared on CNN and Bloomberg TV & mdash& mdash; The community compared it with the boring ape yacht club. Unconsciously, Mingo has become one of the largest NFT collections in history. He no longer needs to look for commissions on upwork. Instead, people turned to him to make NFT collections for them & mdash& mdash; Such as the unbankednft project. He has also been working with pudgy penguins to create a second series for the group and create other content for their websites and social media channels.
        It's enough to invite him to a party in Miami & mdash& mdash; But it is not enough to make him the center of activities. Pudgy penguin is his most successful customer, but it is still only one of many customers. When the scandal hit, he was as shocked as everyone else. Twitter user @ 9x9x9eth posted a post explaining that the founder of pudgypanguins, coletheum, had emptied the funds of the project before he planned to sell the company for 888eth (more than $2 million). Soon, Kohl was driven out of his company & mdash& mdash; Mingo's work is related to one of the biggest betrayals in NFT.
        "I feel a bit betrayed," Mingo said. "But I haven't reached the point where I want to say something crazy online." A few months later, lucanetz, an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, acquired pudgy penguins from Cole, and launched the project again. He set up a new headquarters in Miami and formulated a book publishing plan. Mingo also plans to move to Miami soon to follow the pudgy penguins and the broader discussion around crypto art. But before that, he was still sitting in the same room a year ago, on the same table where he created the art of squat penguins. For an artist whose work sells for six figures, this is not the usual reward & mdash& mdash; But there are other types of satisfaction.
        Mingo still remembers the moment when he saw Stephen curry buy a plump penguin. He had to step back from the computer and return to the original feeling that made him start painting. "This is a good enough confirmation for me. I need it to keep me going," Mingo said. "If I continue my way, I'm not sure if I will draw like I do now.".
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