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Exclusive interview on blockchain: polar, chain edge computing cloud, detonating everyone's mining bonus

Time : 09/09/2021 Author : 6f34mz Click : + -
        As we all know, after several years of development of blockchain technology, scenario based applications have begun to appear sporadically in some fields and become a spark in the blockchain industry. As a company focusing on the research and development of blockchain technology, starbit recently developed polarkain edge computing platform, breaking all the barriers of previous mining, making it possible to mine at the threshold of 0 and realizing the dream of "everyone mining". In other words, as long as our computers or server devices or even NAS are connected to polarchain, we can mine at any time. This is exciting for the vast number of miners. What is polarchain sacred? How does it realize everyone's dream of mining? What changes will it bring to our lives? The blockchain subscription reporter made an exclusive interview with Liu Yunpeng, the founder of polarchain, to talk about polarchain.
        Blockchain subscription: polarchain has just been born, and it is still a new thing for the general public. Can you briefly introduce polarchain?. Liu Yunpeng: polarchain is a more efficient, more stable, more scientific and reasonable edge computing platform launched by interstellar bit and built by using blockchain technology. What problems does polarchain specifically solve? In the previous two years, mining costs were relatively high and there were many restrictions. For example, bitcoin and Ethereum have now become a heavy asset industry. For example, the mining machinery industry chain and power resources are only in the hands of a few people, and only a few people can do it. Polarchain uses technologies such as edge computing to collect idle resources such as bandwidth, computing and storage in individuals or families, so that everyone can become a edge computing node, Let mining enter thousands of households, and let the general public enjoy the dividends brought by blockchain technology.
        Blockchain subscription: as you mentioned just now, it needs technical support to allow mining to enter thousands of households. So, how does interstellar bit make technical layout to achieve this goal?. Liu Yunpeng: the purpose of our interstellar bit is "everyone is equal". This wish must be realized by technology. We should know that starbit is a pure technology-oriented blockchain company with an internet background. The employees with more than 10 years of work experience account for more than 80% of the total employees. The core members are mainly from well-known Internet enterprises such as 360, Shanda and Ubuntu. We have many successful software and hardware products on the Internet. We can say that our technical strength is quite strong.
        As an enterprise with its own technology gene and high-end technical talents, starbit has developed polarkain platform based on Linux. We use polarkain underlying technology and traditional operating system technology to customize a simplified and enhanced operating system & mdash& mdash; Polaros operating system is used to carry the operation of polarchain, so that users can mine on the polarchain platform more easily and conveniently. In addition, polarchain combines traditional edge computing and blockchain technology. It is not only easy to install and realizes rapid installation in 3 minutes, but also supports decentralized storage. In this way, it not only reduces the user's learning cost, allows more people to join the mining ranks, but also enables users to truly realize their desire to make their own data decisions.
        Liu Yunpeng: of course, polarchain can allow users to mine at the threshold of 0, and bring other benefits to users in addition to obtaining benefits. Polarchain carries the CDN service, helps CDN commercial users to solve the problem of high cost, and also solves the problems of video jam and poor network for users, thus greatly improving the user experience. In addition, the system can link the Internet of vehicles and the Internet of things in the future, provide more intelligent scene services for our life, and provide one-stop solutions for our life. Let's wait and see. Liu Yunpeng: as I mentioned just now, there are many restrictions on traditional mining methods, such as high start-up capital, large physical space required, huge power consumption and high heat dissipation.
        Polar chain has the characteristics of green mining, power saving, no noise, low investment threshold, and can enter the mining industry by using the idle bandwidth of the family. In addition, polar also supports mining in multiple currencies and does not need to purchase special mining machines. Polar OS software can be installed to support all mining machines and servers in the market, with excellent compatibility. In my opinion, the biggest advantage is that it makes possible the ideal of "everyone can mine", which is not available in traditional mining. Blockchain subscription: as a blockchain enterprise with unlimited prospects, are there many investment institutions coming to visit? In terms of investment, what are starbit's plans or plans?.
        Liu Yunpeng: whether the development prospects of blockchain enterprises are good depends on whether they can provide better scenario applications for society, enterprises and even users. Whether the enterprise can go further depends on whether the business closed-loop can operate better. In this regard, starbit has taken the first step. As you said, starbit is also favored by many investment institutions, such as dfund, Yinke capital, imagination fund, yotta ecological fund, Blackpool and other well-known institutions. As for future ideas, at present, we only want to give full play to our technical advantages and do a good job in the landing application of the actual business scenario. Other capital or users will naturally come to you.
        Starbit takes mining as the entry point of blockchain scenario application, and then extends it to improve the user's network experience, and then links the Internet of things, the Internet of vehicles and other fields. It can be said that it is strategically advantageous. From the user level, polarchain not only enables them to obtain mining revenue, but also optimizes the network experience, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. With the rapid development of blockchain technology, let's wait and see what surprises polarchain can bring to society, enterprises and even individuals in the future!. The only media, which started in New York and grew up in Beijing, is the most valuable new media of pop culture. It is the official cooperative media of New York Fashion week. It covers fashion week, star fashion, film and television entertainment, culture and sports, game animation, luxury cars and luxury goods, and lifestyle.
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