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Chinese blockchain listed companies,Zhidu Co., Ltd.: the main operation system of the company's "blockchain + supply chain finance" Service Guangdong provincial supply chain finance innovation pilot unit

Time : 29/05/2022 Author : nr0obl Click : + -
        Tonghuashun 300033) financial research center on December 8, an investor asked zhidu (000676) how do you do, Secretary Dong? How many enterprises have your supply chain financial platform cooperated with, and which are the core enterprises? Among them, which companies are listed? What are the main advantages of your supply chain finance platform? thank you. The company replied that hello, the company's "blockchain + supply chain finance" service platform has cooperated with 4 core enterprises, including listed companies Guoguang electric appliance (002045. SZ), Fantong Communication Co., Ltd. (002861. SZ), Shenzhen mingjiahui (300506) Technology Co., Ltd. (300506. SZ), Wuzhou Guoguang Technology Development Co., Ltd., more than 200 small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as China Construction Bank, Bank of Guangzhou Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China CITIC Bank and other financial institutions carry out relevant cooperation and provide services, including financing support services, capital settlement support services, credit consulting and financing management services.
        The main operation system of the company's "blockchain + supply chain finance" service is one of the supply chain finance innovation pilot units in Guangdong Province. It won the 2021 China Industrial blockchain Innovation Award and the potential financial case of the 2021 trusted blockchain ecological conference. The bottom layer adopts the self-developed blockchain technology and the bank standardized supply financial products to give full play to the value of the platform, improve the efficiency of the supply chain and help the development of enterprises. Thank you for your attention!.
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