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"Blockchain landing application has n years to go!" "Creating the future" salon issue 19

Time : 22/06/2022 Author : 73x185 Click : + -
        On November 4, the 19th issue of chuangjian future "special session for enterprise digital tackling" & mdash& mdash; The offline Salon "how blockchain technology leads the industry wind vane" was successfully held in Hangzhou. "What impact will blockchain bring to society? Why does the state attach so much importance to it?" As soon as he took office, Professor Liu Jiahai raised such a question. Professor Liu is a professor of School of computer science and technology of Zhejiang University and Secretary General of Hangzhou blockchain technology and application Federation. The theme he shared this time was "blockchain technology leads society to build credit". He introduced the value of blockchain to the guests with the social problem of "renting a house".
        Renting is a matter of people's livelihood, but many landlords and tenants worry about whether the intermediary is reliable. On the one hand, the intermediary receives the house from the landlord; On the other hand, they sublet the house to the tenants. Once this intermediate node runs away, the landlord will face the problem of no money to collect and the tenants will face the problem of no housing. Thunderstorms in long houses also occur frequently. "Let's say that every payment we make now has to be recorded, and every account will be made public, and everyone will get the account book data. Once someone wants to cheat, although he can modify his own account book, he cannot modify others' account books. Therefore, this data must be judged as & lsquo; problematic data & rsquo;.
        If he wants to modify other people's data at the same time, the cost and cost will be enormous. ". "Society needs credit, and trust mechanism can be established through blockchain." Professor Liu concluded, "blockchain is not only a technology, but also a social relationship.". During this period, Professor Liu also answered the questions of the audience. An audience asked "how to understand decentralization". Professor Liu said that technology serves people, and human beings must be centralized. "So now, the concept of decentralization has gradually weakened.". It will take several years for the blockchain of audience information to be applied on a large scale. Professor Liu gave an answer of "n years".
        He said: only when technology and human thinking are consistent can it be implemented on a large scale. "If your code is not open source, it means that the performance of a system has to be improved, and you have to develop it yourself. The cost must be more than ten times higher." Wu Sijin, founder and CEO of complex beauty, said when talking about open source. At the event, he brought the theme sharing of how blockchain can help the current real economy recovery. From technology open source to landing application, from the interconnection of everything to the interconnection of ten thousand chains, the characteristics of blockchain technology will bring greater social changes. Wu Sijin introduced that the complex beauty has a deep deposit in technology and adheres to a high degree of open source. "Android, Linux and other bottom layers are open source, which is convenient for learning and application. This will make the cost of some common applications very low and make everyone willing to contribute their own code.
        ”。 In terms of blockchain implementation, he shared specific cases in anti-counterfeiting traceability and supply chain finance, and applied blockchain technology to instant messaging and e-commerce, greatly improving the rights of data owners on the premise of protecting privacy. Chen Gang, founder and general manager of Zhejiang Shenzhen supply chain and expert of Zhejiang garment industry innovation service complex supply chain system, gave the answer. The theme he brought was how to use blockchain to control risks in the garment industry. According to Chen Gang, China's clothing industry is coming fiercely at present. In 2018 alone, the scale of China's clothing market has exceeded 1.8 trillion yuan, but product quality problems also follow.
        "There are certain problems in a series of supply chain management and transaction risk control, from fabric, to processing, to style design, to clothing trading.". "The use of blockchain technology makes the transaction of the entire clothing industry more safe and fair." He took the zheshen clothing blockchain application platform as an example, It explains how the blockchain solves the trust problem: "through the establishment of the alliance chain, the functions of commercial banks, insurance companies, logistics companies, Internet courts, notary offices, law firms, intellectual property rights, electronic contracts, etc. can be used to encrypt the data of all links of clothing transactions to ensure the authenticity and fairness of the transaction process. The data stored can be used as the evidence chain.
        ”。 This activity is guided by Hangzhou Daily newspaper group (China Media Holdings) and Hangzhou blockchain technology and application Federation, sponsored by Firebird finance and seahorse society, and co organized by China media wisdom Valley, 33 complex beauty and Zhejiang Shenzhen supply chain. "Creating the future" blockchain salon is committed to creating an offline blockchain communication community, sharing information technology, sharing resources and contacts, and embracing the future of the blockchain era together.
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