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Shanghai's third batch of regulatory sandbox pilot list was released, focusing on blockchain, big data and other technologies

Time : 08/12/2021 Author : kr9ix8 Click : + -
        On March 4, according to the official website of the Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China, the Shanghai financial technology innovation supervision pilot working group announced the third batch of three innovative applications in Shanghai, including two financial services and one scientific and technological product. The Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China said that the third batch of pilot applications of financial technology innovation and supervision in Shanghai adhere to the principles of positive innovation, controllable risk, protection of rights and interests and benefiting the people and enterprises, focus on emerging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data and electronic signatures, optimize financial services, and aim to provide personalized financial services for small, medium and micro enterprises and customers, adhere to the principle of financial services and real economy, We will practice Inclusive Finance, improve the benefits of financial services to the people and enterprises, and improve our ability to guard against financial risks.
        Details of the three innovative applications are as follows:. The applicant institutions of the project are Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Beijing Zhongke Jincai Technology Co., Ltd. the type of the project is financial services. It mainly builds a B2B order management service platform based on blockchain technology, digital certificate, electronic signature technology and big data technology, and provides enterprises on the B2B e-commerce platform with information storage, order risk assessment and other order management services, so as to effectively prevent the traditional B2B transaction process due to information asymmetry Risks such as false transactions caused by non transparency improve the efficiency and security of business processing. The expected effect is: through the blockchain technology, the transparency of order information is realized, the quality of order management is improved, and the processing efficiency and security level of guarantee payment in the B2B field are improved.
        The application institution of the project is Everbright Bank, and the type is financial services. It mainly builds a customer marketing system based on big data, machine learning and other technologies. Based on demand mining and marketing analysis, it provides users with more suitable, more accurate and more intimate financial services. The expected effect is: it can effectively improve the accuracy of the bank's marketing activities, improve the marketing effect while reducing the marketing cost, reduce the disturbance to customers without purchase intention, effectively protect the privacy and rights of customers, and improve economic and social benefits. The application institutions of the project are CICC Financial Certification Center Co., Ltd., Guangfa bank and Tianzhi international accounting firm. The type of the project is financial services. It is mainly based on electronic signature technology, digital certificate technology and electronic encryption hardware to build the "huiyintong" third-party e-mail platform, build the service network between Guangfa Bank and accounting firm, and provide safe, efficient Low cost online letter business handling service.
        The expected effect of the project is to improve the collaborative efficiency of correspondence business and reduce the cost of obtaining correspondence. In terms of expected scale, the project is expected to provide 12 million e-mail services every year. The Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China also pointed out that in the next step, under the overall planning and guidance of the head office of the people's Bank of China, the Shanghai financial science and technology innovation and supervision pilot working group will give full play to Shanghai's resource gathering advantages and the leading and radiating role of Shanghai international financial center, encourage more innovative subjects to join, constantly enhance regulatory inclusiveness, release the development momentum of financial innovation, and create an open, cooperative, shared and win-win financial science and technology ecosystem. Since joining the list of China's "regulatory sandbox" pilot areas in April 2020, Shanghai has released 3 batches of 16 projects, of which the ratio of financial services to scientific and technological products is 8:8.
        It is worth noting that Sun Yang, a researcher of Suning Financial Research Institute, said earlier that Shanghai focuses on the financial risk control technology of industrial chain based on blockchain and big data to promote the integration of finance, industrial chain and digital government. As early as the first two lists were released, many projects in the Shanghai regulatory sandbox pilot project mentioned blockchain and big data technology, and two projects in this list also involved blockchain and big data technology.
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