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Weizhong Bank Ma Zhitao: ESG becomes the direction of blockchain exploration

Time : 25/07/2021 Author : rntzck Click : + -
        With the rapid economic development, the new generation of information technology has gradually become an important driving force for economic development. Blockchain is one of the core technologies and has become a hot topic in recent years. As the first Internet Bank in China, Weizhong bank has natural advantages in technology and attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. Strengthening the combination of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and blockchain is the direction of exploration in the financial field, and Weizhong bank is no exception. Recently, Weizhong Bank held a brand-new press conference of Weizhong blockchain brand with the theme of "new opportunities, new missions and new departure", announced the launch of a brand-new brand of Weizhong blockchain, and proposed a new mission of building ESG trusted infrastructure and promoting fairness and sustainability.
        Ma Zhitao, vice president and chief information officer of Weizhong bank, believes that there are two aspects in building ESG trusted infrastructure: one is due to trusted data and privacy protection, and the other is due to trusted collaboration and incentive mechanism. These demands are also satisfied by the characteristics of blockchain technology. Including multi-party consensus, privacy protection, trusted verification, incentive compatibility, and the whole process prosecution, some characteristics of these blockchain technologies are highly matched with some requirements of ESG applications. Ma Zhitao frankly said that the new mission of the future blockchain should be to build an ESG trusted infrastructure for the whole society to promote fair and sustainable development. Weizhong bank not only continues to invest in this field, but also has more exploration and practice.
        In May 2020, as a blockchain open-source technology supporter, Weizhong bank helped the cross-border mutual recognition system of Guangdong and Macao health codes to go online, and the number of customs clearance personnel with health code clearance vouchers exceeded 100 million. Through the distributed architecture and cloud native technology, micro bank helps to form a green computing paradigm, realize flexible allocation of computing resources, improve computing efficiency, reduce server consumption, and achieve the effect of reducing carbon emissions. Ma Zhitao also mentioned in the exclusive interview that the wechat blockchain and the open source alliance chain ecosystem jointly built by many parties have gathered more than 3000 institutions and enterprises and more than 70000 individual members, successfully supported the landing of hundreds of blockchain applications in finance, medical care, justice, agriculture, manufacturing and other industries, and more than 200 benchmark applications supporting industrial digitization.
        We will tap the potential of blockchain technology, based on serving the real economy, promote the development of ESG, and give full play to the high-quality development potential of blockchain serving the real economy.
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