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How to read blockchain in English,International Conference on blockchain and big data technology in 2022 (rfcbdt, 2022)

Time : 11/02/2022 Author : kr9bg3 Click : + -
        The 2022 regional fast chain and big data technology conference (rfcbdt2022) will focus on the latest research fields of "big data and blockchain", providing a platform for researchers, engineers, scholars and industry professionals to introduce their latest research results and future development activities. Establish business or research relationships for participants to exchange new ideas and application experiences. The meeting will be held in Nanchang on November 18, 2022. During the conference, you will have the opportunity to listen to cutting-edge academic reports and witness the achievements and progress in this field. All full texts submitted to rfcbdt2022 can be written in English and will be sent to at least two reviewers, who will be evaluated according to originality, technology or research content or depth, correctness, relevance to the meeting, contribution and readability.
        All accepted papers of rfcbdt2022 will be published in the meeting minutes and submitted to eicompendex of Scopus for indexing. 2. Review process: Author Submission - confirmation of receipt of manuscript (1 working day) - preliminary review (1-3 working days) - Notification of results (acceptance / rejection). The earlier the submission, the earlier the article results will be received. 2. The manuscript should be an original work, which has not been published in domestic and foreign journals. It is not allowed to submit more than one manuscript. The author can check the duplicate through Turnitin query system. Papers suspected of plagiarism will not be published.
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