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Ant "small and micro finance" to "technology group" Ma Yun: This is the mission

Time : 23/03/2022 Author : 0qbtaz Click : + -
        The parent company of Alipay has used the abbreviation "ant financial service" for six years. Not long ago, it has adopted the new name "ant group", and its full name is "ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.". Ant financial service, established in 2014, has its full name as "Zhejiang ant micro and micro financial services Co., Ltd." and "micro and micro" symbolizes tens of thousands of enterprises like ants. In that year, Jack Ma integrated the relevant financial products under Alibaba. Even Alipay, which was founded in 2004, became a product under ant financial services, including various financial products such as yu'e Bao, fixed term wealth management, deposit treasure and fund. After several years of development, ant financial also has business segments such as ant Jubao, ant Huabei, borrowing, e-commerce bank, sesame credit, etc., providing an all-round financial management platform, which can be said to affect all aspects of our life.
        Recently, the full name of ant has been changed to "ant Technology Group Co., Ltd." firstly, the regional character of "Zhejiang" has been removed, and secondly, it has changed from "finance" to "science and technology". On December 19, 2019, relevant media reported that Hu Xiaoming took over as CEO of ant financial and reported to Jing Xiandong. Jing Xiandong continued to serve as chairman of ant financial. At the same time, ant financial will comprehensively accelerate the three strategies of globalization, domestic demand and science and technology. In an exclusive interview on June 10 this year, Jing Xiandong said that digital technologies such as IOT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are all key technologies affecting the future. He believes that blockchain technology is the key technology in the future.
        First of all, there are data showing that ant group's blockchain technology has the most patents in the world. Dharma academy predicts that blockchain applications with a daily life of 10 million will be popular in 2020. Secondly, according to ant's prediction, by 2021, ant's technical service income will rise to 65% of its total income, becoming the largest income item. At the Alibaba alumni meeting two years ago, Ma Yun explained in detail the origin of the names of Alibaba, ant financial, Taobao, tmall and brother Ping tou. One day, he was having dinner in a restaurant in San Francisco. He asked the waitress, "do you know Ali Baba?" The waitress replied, "I know." Ma Yun asked her again, "what does that mean?" The waitress blurted out, "sesame opens the door.
        ”Later, Ma Yun asked more than a dozen Americans he didn't know. They all knew the story of the forty thieves and sesame opening the door. Everyone on earth knows that Alibaba is too international. More importantly, Alibaba begins with the word "a" in English. Jack Ma hopes that Alibaba will become the first company in the world. This name is really appropriate. With the spirit of brother Pingtou, we have no fear for the future and strong enemies, and we will march forward bravely. Brother Ping Tou is so big that he dares to challenge the lion and the cheetah. This is the spirit of brother Ping tou, which conveys Ali's fearlessness for the future.
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