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Baidu blockchain announced that it will open source soon, providing developers with underlying support and tools

Time : 02/05/2022 Author : jyqcd5 Click : + -
        On May 11, Baidu alliance ecological Partner Conference & mdash& mdash; Smart cloud ecological sub forum was held in Chengdu. At the forum, Baidu blockchain lab and partners shared the latest achievements in various industries. Taking the blockchain as a trusted connector, baidu released xuperdata, the first multi enterprise data security collaborative computing solution in China, introducing xuperipr, a blockchain copyright protection and trading platform that focuses on rights confirmation, authorization and rights protection, and the authoritative and professional judicial solution xuperfair, which uses technology to solve development problems and achieve mutual benefit and common growth with partners.
        In addition, baidu announced that xuperunion, the first open source project of the super chain, will be released soon, and this project can support the deployment of the alliance chain in the future. According to the introduction, in the field of content copyright, Baidu has built a xuperipr blockchain copyright protection and trading platform by opening up internal institutions, rights confirmation institutions, rights protection institutions, picture institutions and other authoritative nodes in the industry, so as to realize cross chain cooperation and build a benign copyright ecology and protect the legitimate rights and interests of partners. Xuperipr provides original producers with services such as copyright certification, distribution and dissemination, transaction realization, monitoring and rights protection, and builds a complete set of full link copyright protection solutions and transaction services platform from rights confirmation, authorization and rights protection.
        In the field of big data circulation, Baidu has transformed enterprise data security into value creating data assets through big data circulation. Baidu blockchain lab released xuperdata, a multi enterprise data security collaborative computing solution, to realize the data trust and invisibility in the process of data flow among multiple enterprises, thus breaking the data island, protecting the privacy of enterprise data and user data, and maximizing the value of data. At present, many financial institutions, smart city projects and several domestic Internet courts have adopted the super chain xupchain to build their own networks. In the application of judicial and government affairs, baidu implemented xuperfair judicial solution to help the obligee solve the difficulties of electronic evidence storage, evidence collection and certification, reduce the threshold of judicial rights protection, and help the court improve judicial efficiency.
        The scheme takes advantage of the tamper proof and security advantages of the blockchain to turn electronic data into electronic evidence and standardize the identification of property rights in the digital economy. At present, the scheme has jointly built the blockchain electronic evidence platform "Tianping chain" with Beijing Internet court and the security center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and jointly built the "Netcom legal chain" system with Guangzhou Internet court, Guangzhou Municipal Court and the municipal procuratorate to assist judges to collect evidence and credit, and shorten the trial cycle of partner cases. In addition, Baidu blockchain laboratory has cooperated with Beijing University, Beijing Internet court, iqiyi and other domestic government institutions, universities and enterprises to expand blockchain technology and business applications, which have been implemented in many scenarios, especially in the fields of content copyright, big data flow and judicial and government affairs applications that have attracted great attention.
        These layouts are all based on applications and solutions built by Baidu's 100% self-developed xupchain. The super chain has more than 120 patents, and has the ability to deploy global networks and alliance networks. It is friendly to blockchain developers and leads the industry in security, innovation, high performance and ease of use. At the same time, baidu super chain continuously improves the overall performance, helps partners optimize service quality and improve user experience through six core technology advantages, including super node technology, intra chain parallel technology, three-dimensional network technology, pluggable consensus mechanism, lightweight node technology and integrated smart contract, so as to achieve win-win results on the blockchain.
        It is reported that through the exploration and practice of blockchain technology in many fields, Baidu has accelerated the landing of blockchain in more application scenarios and promoted the rapid development of Baidu's blockchain application ecology. At the same time, in the future, based on the super chain and through the open source plan, we will promote the popularization and application of blockchain technology in a large scale, so as to realize the common prosperity of technology, developers and industry.
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