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Internet applications start from the community, and blockchain applications start from the community

Time : 06/01/2022 Author : s39h5p Click : + -
        There is a great difference between communities. Communities stress management and communities stress governance. The new world of blockchain may not need a centralized organization, but it needs a multi center and decentralized community. Community governance is based on the premise of self-discipline, autonomy and co governance to create a new level of freedom. The ultimate goal of community governance is freedom, prosperity and a strong token economy. Tokens are human consensus symbols condensed on the cryptography infrastructure. Tokens are issued and circulated globally. The token really promotes faith, credit and trust. Token economy is the design of economic model and governance system. The economic model design should be implemented on the value flow chart, and the governance system design should be implemented on the community construction.
        Traditional companies rely on stock incentives, and community autonomous organizations of blockchain rely on token incentives. Token rights include voting rights, dividend rights, asset ownership, etc. the strength of token rights is greater than that of traditional stock rights. There is also a major difference between traditional companies and blockchain community autonomous organizations. The highest body of traditional companies is the shareholders' meeting, and shareholders exercise voting rights. Blockchain community autonomous organizations are "multi stakeholder", not just "shareholders" holding tokens to exercise decision-making rights.
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