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In depth interview with Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei, we asked him 13 questions

Time : 10/07/2022 Author : nc3arl Click : + -
        As a company founded in 2003, Xunlei has been known by the majority of netizens as "the best download tool in China". But just about three months ago, Xunlei began a vigorous Revival: its share price rose from $2.9 to $18, and the maximum fluctuation of its share price reached 800%. The reason behind the huge fluctuations is also very simple. Xunlei combines its Internet CDN and other cloud computing technologies with blockchain technology to launch a new "gamecloud" and the corresponding digital asset "blockchain (original gamecoin)". For a while, it also became the "first blockchain stock" in the words of many investors. How does Xunlei think about blockchain? What do you think about chaining (playing token)? How does Chen Lei see the future development of Xunlei? Last week, at the CES site in Las Vegas, Lei Feng's reporter had an in-depth dialogue with Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei group and CEO of netheart technology. The following is the content and details of the whole interview.
        In Las Vegas, on a rainy night, at 11:00 pm, I finally met Chen Lei at the famous Caesar Palace Hotel. This is one and a half hours later than the scheduled interview time, because Chen Lei has just returned from another activity site. He also participated in a similar event during the CES. He spoke at the event and even talked with the host. The most direct result is that Chen Lei's mental state is extremely tired, and it can be seen in person. In the subsequent interview, he dozed more than once, even giving people a feeling that he was asleep even though he was sitting. Since the "fire" of playing Hakka cloud in October, it has been difficult to find one machine in the market.
        After so many external sales, how much is the overall scale of gamecloud devices? Chen Lei also gave three reference figures for this: the overall node reached the million level, the storage medium capacity exceeded 100pb (equal to 100000tb), and the overall reserve bandwidth exceeded 10tbps. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the new gamer cloud devices, this also includes the previous Alipay devices. Chen Lei also disclosed to Lei Feng: "Xunlei is also making progress in cloud computing business. We are trying to implement container (Container Service) and some enterprises have tried it. At present, some enterprises have used the scale of 100000 gamer clouds.
        ”。 Because many things happened in Xunlei in 2017, Lei Feng also threw Chen Lei a question: use a line year. Chen Lei replied this way & mdash& mdash; "2017 is the year that Xunlei's transformation achievements appear.". He then continued to add: "Xunlei's actual transformation began at the end of 2014, including cloud computing and blockchain. In fact, Xunlei has made many internal adjustments for this transformation, such as the CEO position adjustment you can see." He then highlighted a point, "but from the perspective of adjustment, the most important thing is that Xunlei knows what to do and starts to focus.
        ”。 "Xunlei has always been a & lsquo; chasing & rsquo; tuyere, such as VR in previous years, or even before, what is hot. But now, whether it is the" live CDN "in the previous two years or the" blockchain "in 2017, we are all anticipating in advance and stepping on the" cloud computing "and" blockchain "tuyere. And this is not the tuyere we made, but what is really suitable for Xunlei& mdash;& mdash; You should know that Xunlei has been deeply engaged in P2P downloading, CDN and distributed cloud computing for 14 years. ". Because Xunlei has made clear its future development path in 2017, Chen Lei also directly talked about the three things that Xunlei must do next: download, shared computing and blockchain.
        First, download, Chen Lei clearly stated: "Many people think that downloading is declining, including some of our employees. But in fact, many scenarios and demands still need to be downloaded. In fact, Xunlei is also the only company in China that once focused on downloading. Therefore, Xunlei has an unusual mission and needs to continue to do it over the past 14 years. More importantly, it must not disappoint users. If Xunlei fails to download well, what can users do I believe you can do other business well. ". After downloading, there is the shared computing and blockchain that Xunlei is currently doing. Chen Lei continued: "as for the shared computing mode, as early as April and may 2015, the positioning on Xunlei's official website has been changed to & lsquo; crowdfunding cloud computing service provider & rsquo;. In fact, it also marks that Xunlei has officially entered the transformation.
        ”。 Chen Lei also gave a figure of Xunlei's investment in shared computing & mdash& mdash; 1 billion yuan (more than 100 million US dollars). In contrast, the overall revenue of Xunlei in 2016 was only US $157 million. In the past few quarters, the overall scale of "value-added business" (including cloud computing business) in the overall revenue of Xunlei has increased from US $8 million in Q1 2015 to US $21 million in the third quarter of 2017. "On the one hand, we will continue to accelerate the existing CDN business, and at the same time, we will try more fields in the future. The revenue of shared computing and cloud computing will continue to grow.
        ”Chen Lei added. The last one is the blockchain, Chen Lei said to Lei Feng: "We are building blockchain and alliance chain represented by blockchain. We want to build a & lsquo; real & rsquo; blockchain. There are two key points. One is to have a real landing scenario, which will bring practical significance and value to users. The other is that Xunlei hopes to improve the internal relationship of the entire content production and supply relationship with the help of blockchain. We believe that if we combine blockchain technology and shared computing, we should: There will also be some very important chemical effects on the scene. ". Lei Feng asked Chen Lei this question in the interview: what does blockchain technology contribute to Xunlei's CDN business? For this reason, Chen Lei cited two examples, one is the fair distribution of shared cloud computing, and the other is the value measurement of shared cloud computing.
        First, let's talk about fair distribution. Chen Lei said that as early as when he was making money, he had encountered a problem from many users: "the node speed of their money making treasure is different from the speed they have tested through other methods. If the blockchain is used to measure the whole work effect, the final result will be more fair and credible.". For the unit of measurement problem of shared cloud computing, Chen Lei explained to Lei Feng: "Because Xunlei wants to make a breakthrough in shared computing, it is likely that it will eventually assign the collected demands of the b-end and the C-end to the specific C-end nodes. However, the settlement problem will also come. Because the specific tasks assigned are likely to be very fragmented, such as using the CPU to do some simple data processing and using 50MB of space in the storage space, this extremely fragmented task also needs computing needs.
        Obviously, it is very difficult to complete this task with fiat money, because even one cent may be too large for this task, and it is similar to the infinitely divided & lsquo; Chain gram & rsquo;, In fact, it can complete this task very well. ". Finally, he added: "in fact, this is also the origin of the name of chaingram & mdash; & mdash; the most subtle value of blockchain, blockchain + gram (g, weight unit), chaingram". "I also want to use the blockchain to change the relationship between Xunlei and its partners. This is actually a blood lesson and the key to the problem of Xunlei getting narrower and narrower before.
        ”Chen Lei then said another plan of his own: "we hope to build a copyright chain and cooperate with all copyright parties, because Xunlei has more than 200 million users who are very sensitive to resources.". "From the perspective of the copyright income of the overall resources, the analysis of the flow of film and television works, and the support of the overall film and television ecology, it is of great significance to retain the entire circulation and payment information. In fact, this has also given birth to a brand-new model. B2B2C based on the blockchain may also have this model in the tradition, but the blockchain will make the benefit distribution and ecological operation of the entire middle more clear.". In the end, Chen Lei also revealed a small progress in this respect to Lei Feng: "Xunlei has cooperated with & lsquo; 4K Garden (it claims to be the largest 4K content production and distribution platform in the Chinese language region) & rsquo; They are carrying out some cooperation, and they actually have some needs just mentioned.
        ”。 According to the figures disclosed by Chen Lei in the interview above, the number of nodes of gamecloud has exceeded one million. Does this huge number mean that Xunlei has relied on & lsquo; Selling equipment & rsquo; Did you make a profit? Regarding this question, Chen Lei said: "the equipment makes money according to the cost, but if the value of our member services is included, it actually does not make money.". "Because our current thunderbolt members are 30 yuan a month, and the annual membership discount is 149 yuan. In fact, we only need 399 yuan and 499 yuan to play the guest cloud device. Therefore, in fact, we do not make money when we include the complimentary member services.
        ”。 Lei Feng also inquired about the reasons for the price increase of gamecloud a while ago. Chen Lei said: "on the one hand, we and the master chip manufacturers did not expect the overall sales volume to be so large, so we are now raising prices to urge manufacturers to speed up production. On the other hand, due to the confidence of suppliers in excess stock advances, the supply chain will also be affected, resulting in a certain limit on the overall output.". At another domestic media event the day before the interview, Chen Lei directly said: "the mining power of bitcoin is now very concentrated. In fact, bitcoin is no longer the decentralized system designed by Satoshi Nakamoto. You can also say that bitcoin has changed its quality.
        ”What does he think of blockchain technology?. Chen Lei thought for a moment, First, a sentence similar to the summary is given: "Blockchain must be a very big driving force to change society. It may be faster than artificial intelligence. For example, artificial intelligence is more like a steam engine, but blockchain is the Internet. Because the former changes the foundation of productivity, while blockchain changes the relationship between people, the relationship between people and society, the relationship between people and goods, and the relationship between people and enterprises.". Because of linkgram, Xunlei has always been at the forefront of the storm. However, Chen Lei seemed very serious when answering this question: "when issuing digital assets, you must understand where the value foundation of this asset is.
        ”。 He first summarized the main methods in the industry: "Many companies now say that their business can develop, and my own company is the value base. But in fact, this value demand has nothing to do with your digital assets. If you send digital assets to users without generating any value, how do you expect users to get a return? You can only speculate through speculation. Only someone can speculate, but there will always be speculation if the price is raised in this way Some people will choose to leave, and eventually become tools for cutting leeks. Therefore, digital assets should have a real value foundation and should be implemented in the application scenario of blockchain technology to provide users with more valuable experience and services.
        ”。 Then he also talked about Xunlei's own chain, "Behind the chain is not the stock of Xunlei, nor my personal value, nor a part of a large capital pool. It ultimately represents the value of idle resources of node users. Xunlei turns idle resources of users into low-cost and high-quality cloud services that can be provided to enterprises through its original shared computing technology and continuous service investment. At the same time, Xunlei puts the return of enterprises into value-added services provided to users Business and blockchain application scenarios. Whether it is for enterprises or users, it is a benign ecological environment benefiting many parties. ". "In the actual application scenario, the blockchain needs the circulation of digital assets. Whether it is the medium of blockchain bookkeeping rewards or the value-added service vouchers enjoyed by actual users, it needs to have a circulation mechanism.
        Blockchain changes a relationship. ". "We firmly resist speculating on the value of chaingram. We are also concerned about the off-site price. The off-site price of chaingram has been very stable since the beginning, even when bitcoin and other virtual currencies fluctuate violently." Chen Lei first made a small statement, and then talked about the attack on the speculation of chaingram. "After our real name system came out, we actually stabilized the price of chaingram to a large extent. Later, we have more means (Xunlei announced the day before yesterday that it will close the personal chaingram transfer channel of non cooperative partners) to further stabilize the value of chaingram.
        ”。 For the value of chain grams, Chen Lei said: "Many people may only see the reduction in production in the future, but what they need to pay more attention to is the real trend behind the chain & mdash; & mdash; the increase in business value brought about by the development of the game cloud business. After the game cloud is relatively mature, the increase in customer sources and the increase in node utilization will actually bring more real benefits to users. Moreover, with the increase in the hardware scale of the game cloud, the service value-added space on the software side will be further released." 。 In a recent speech, the chief architect of Xunlei mentioned that Xunlei is still using IDC servers as the central server. Does it mean that Xunlei is still a long way from the distributed idle nodes that use all users? Chen Lei said: "the overall value of the company is to become a company without servers. As far as I know, no enterprise in the world can realize this.
        It is true that we still use IDC hardware, but in the past year, our dependence on them has been greatly reduced, but in the future, there may be centralized hardware in our entire system. This is related to the business itself. If the business needs a centralized node for work allocation, such an architecture is necessary. ". "But what can be guaranteed is that we are also constantly optimizing technology and striving to put as many tasks as possible directly on idle nodes. The future central server is likely to only be responsible for some simple task allocation and management.". Chen Lei told Lei Feng: "at present, it is mainly to sell hardware, that is, nodes, to foreign countries, and then expand software business according to specific conditions.
        But from a long-term perspective, domestic and foreign countries should still operate independently. ".
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