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Yu Jianing: "blockchain + industry" is expected to explode in 2020

Time : 04/07/2022 Author : j0zgwp Click : + -
        "If a technology can not help industrial upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, it may be worthless." At the Symposium on "application and development of blockchain technology" held on December 28, Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University, stressed that the value of technology should come from the value increment of the industry. Blockchain is a technology with special application potential. Because it was applied at the beginning, its practice even led the development of technical theory. Yu Jianing believes that 2020 must be a big year for the explosion and application of blockchain technology. After the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective learning on the development status and trend of blockchain technology on the afternoon of October 24, 2019, the blockchain industry has undergone three major changes: first, innovation and speed up.
        In the past, many universities and R & D institutions did not attach importance to blockchain. Now a large number of scientific researchers and innovative resources have begun to invest in the blockchain industry. The second is the enabling entity. In the past, blockchain wanted to integrate with the real economy, but the real enterprises were unwilling to update and did not understand the application of blockchain technology. One slap could not be heard. Now both parties have a foundation and a desire for cooperation. The "blockchain + industry" can really explode in 2020. Third, we should correct the root cause. In the past, there were many illegal projects in the name of blockchain, such as pyramid schemes, fraud and fund transfer. These projects are the cancer and obstacle to the development of the blockchain industry. In the past few months, relevant state departments have cracked down on these illegal projects, providing a foundation for the clean air of the blockchain industry.
        According to Yu Jianing, in recent years, Huobi technology has helped many traditional industries realize the transformation of blockchain + including blockchain + supply chain, blockchain + energy, blockchain + retail, blockchain + finance, blockchain + security, and blockchain + real estate, and has accumulated many good cases and experiences. For example, business points are a business tool that the real industry attaches special importance to. Making good use of business points can enable the industry to better sell and better activate production capacity. However, in the past, points could not be redeemed, which affected the use of points, and even caused enterprises to use points to evade taxes and evade supervision. "Points must be activated and incorporated into the formal regulatory system.
        ”In view of the dilemma of commercial points, several enterprises in Huobi China and Hainan have jointly developed the "Yeyun blockchain points issuance supervision system", so that points can be exchanged and trusted. In the past, the platform built a trust environment with blockchain between the points separated by enterprises, so that enterprises can cooperate with each other with confidence. At the same time, it also facilitates the supervision of relevant government departments. According to Yu Jianing, in August 2019, after the official release of the blockchain business points supervision platform, it was first used in Hainan E-sports. At the end of 2019, the platform has been officially incorporated into the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island. At present, the "coconut tourism points" have exceeded 31 million, the number of accounts has reached more than 100000, and the flow rate has reached 30 million yuan. More than 100 merchants have started to provide services, and the value of exchanged goods has exceeded 50 million yuan.
        "Enabling the real economy with blockchain is definitely not empty talk. As long as we find the right point and hit the right direction, we will certainly promote the development of real business very well." According to Yu Jianing, the fuelling intelligent service platform "seahorse planet" launched by Huobi China and Siyin shares combines the small and scattered private gas stations in the past with blockchain technology to increase user stickiness and help gas stations achieve user growth. In just two months, 170 gas stations joined "Haima planet", with more than 30000 orders and a total transaction value of more than 300 million yuan. Yu Jianing believes that the development of blockchain technology is still at an early stage, and innovation should be the main theme of the industry.
        In order to promote innovation in the industry, Huobi China led the establishment of the blockchain patent alliance, joined a series of international standardization organizations, and participated in the formulation of many standards. "The key to the connection between blockchain and entity is the connection of ideas, and the key is the cultivation of blockchain thinking." Yu Jianing believes that, just like the Internet, we must cultivate Internet thinking. To build blockchain +, we must cultivate blockchain thinking. Blockchain thinking is a chemical reaction of Internet thinking multiplied by financial thinking multiplied by industrial thinking. It is a higher thinking mode. Yu Jianing reminded that people pay less attention to blockchain thinking, which will restrict the blockchain industry to a new level.
        He hopes to assemble the thought fragments of the industry elites into an idea blueprint, so as to promote the blockchain to play a positive role and create a new world in the future. (Liang Yan).
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