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[blockchain policy] the Ministry of industry and information technology announced that the blockchain proposed a standard framework and five types of standards!

Time : 06/09/2021 Author : lxuhms Click : + -
        The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the publicity of the preparatory scheme of the National Technical Committee for standardization of blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology yesterday. The preparatory application puts forward five types of standards, including foundation, business and application, process and method, trustworthiness and interoperability, and information security, and initially defines 21 key directions of standardization and the standardization scheme for a period of time in the future (as shown in Figure 1). (1) Basic standards: used to unify blockchain terms, related concepts and models, and provide support for the formulation of other standards. It mainly includes standards in terms, reference structure, account book coding and identification. (2) Business and application standards: used to regulate the design, deployment and delivery of blockchain application development and blockchain application services, as well as transactions based on distributed ledger.
        It mainly includes the standards of application maturity, transaction based on distributed ledger, baas and service quality evaluation. (3) Process and method standards: used to standardize the update and maintenance of blockchains, and guide the realization of communication and data exchange between different blockchains. It mainly includes standards on cross chain communication mechanism, cross chain communication message specification, ledger management specification and consensus mechanism. (4) Trustworthiness and interoperability standard: it is used to guide the construction of blockchain development platform, standardize and guide the development of blockchain related software, and realize the interoperability of different blockchains. It mainly includes the standards of development platform, application programming interface (API), data format, mixed message protocol and interoperability.
        (5) Information security standard: it is used to guide the implementation of privacy and security of blockchain and identity authentication. It mainly includes information security guidelines, identity authentication mechanism, certificate storage, KYC and other standards.
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