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Building a new advantage of the computing industry, Jinan has the foundation

Time : 07/04/2022 Author : 1yi4xk Click : + -
        As an important "base" support in the digital economy era, computing power is the representative of new productivity, which will also inject new momentum into accelerating the construction of digital government, activating the potential of data elements and promoting the digital transformation of all industries. Calculate all kinds of work and guide the future. On July 29 and 31, the 2022 China computing power conference jointly hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people's Government of Shandong Province will be held in Jinan. This is the first provincial and ministerial joint office meeting with the theme of data center computing power empowerment in China. For the first time, the application results of integration of computing power were displayed, covering the fields of smart city, smart medical care, smart transportation, smart power plant, supercomputing, aerospace, industrial Internet, and meta universe;.
        Xiaozheng, the first digital recommender, the world's first digital astronaut, and Xinhua news agency, who once "landed" on Mars to report the exploration mission, will serve as the digital recommender of the conference and participate in the report. In three days, the conference will hold two main forums and more than 20 sub forums, inviting well-known academicians, industry leaders and enterprise elites to discuss the development of the computing industry, and conduct in-depth discussions on the integration and development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. As of July 24, 10 academicians from the Chinese Academy of engineering, including Guo Guirong, Wu Hequan, Shen Changxiang, he you, Liu Yunjie, Gao Wen, Wang Erdong, Wang Jian, Zheng Weimin and Zhang Hongke, have confirmed to attend the meeting and delivered keynote speeches.
        "Academician tiantuan" will bring the conference the latest research and brilliant views on the development trend of the computing industry, and will certainly have an important impact on promoting the development of China's computing industry. In addition, the conference will also build a docking platform for politics, industry, education and research, strengthen domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in computing technology and industry, promote the empowerment of computing power and facilitate the digital transformation of economic society. The holding of this computing power conference is of great significance to consolidate the computing power infrastructure in Shandong Province and surrounding areas, promote the high-quality development of the Yellow River basin with computing power, and promote the development of new data centers in the country. It will also have a positive and far-reaching impact on accelerating the high-quality development of the computing power industry in Jinan, promoting the service of thousands of households with computing power, and promoting the construction of a strong provincial capital with socialist modernization in the new era.
        In recent years, Shandong has attached great importance to the construction of computing infrastructure. Up to now, the number of standard racks in use in data centers in the province has exceeded 240000, an increase of more than 60% over the same period last year and a quadruple over that in 2019. The province has built 44 large and medium-sized data centers and 176 edge data centers. The proportion of low latency edge computing power far exceeds the national average. As the capital of Shandong Province, Jinan is the only city with "three zones superimposed" (the national artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot zone, the new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone and the national industrial Internet demonstration zone). Jinan is in the forefront of the province and even the whole country in accelerating the development of the computing industry and promoting the development of the computing industry.
        Jinan has built 11 large-scale Internet data centers, and the storage resources of the data centers rank first in the province. Among them, China Mobile (Shandong Jinan) data center is a national data center; The national health and medical big data center (North) is the first national level health and medical big data center jointly built by ministries, provinces and cities in China. It has reached the international advanced level in the fields of health big data causal inference and cross group big data analysis;. Jinan has one of the seven National Supercomputing centers with national key layout & mdash& mdash; In the National Supercomputing Jinan center, the new generation of mountain river supercomputers topped the latest io500 list of the 2022 international supercomputing Conference (isc2022), and significantly refreshed the best performance in the history of the list. Jinan's supercomputing manufacturing, technology research and development and application promotion are at the leading level in China;.
        Jinan has a number of national innovation platforms such as high-performance servers and storage technologies. The production and sales of servers are the first in the country and the second in the world. The production and sales of AI servers are the first in the world. More than 50% of the domestic AI computing power comes from Jinan, and the professional computing service level ranks in the forefront of the country;. Jinan is the implementation site of the first theme project in the field of quantum communication in the national "863 Plan". It is an important node city, service hub and core equipment R & D and manufacturing center of the "Beijing Shanghai trunk line" of quantum confidential communication. It has the earliest practical oriented "Jinan quantum communication experimental network" in the world, and is the first to be included in the national blockchain new infrastructure & mdash& mdash; With the construction of "Spark & middot; chain network", the development of the city's quantum information industry has the first mover advantage and great potential;.
        The total scale of Jinan's software and information technology service industry accounts for half of the province, and 10 key indicators such as the total scale, innovation platform, qualification, key enterprises and excellent products rank first in the province for 18 consecutive years;. Jinan has formed a relatively complete artificial intelligence industrial chain from basic support, core technology to industrial application. The number of "modern advantageous industrial cluster + artificial intelligence" pilot demonstration projects ranks first in the province. The health care big data is the first "five ones" in the country. There are more than 300 artificial intelligence enterprises in the industrial chain, and the scale of relevant industries exceeds 100 billion yuan;. Jinan has a strong foundation in the blockchain industry. China's first digital business license based on blockchain and the first medical insurance electronic certificate were born in Jinan. 15 services of 11 enterprises in the city were selected into the national blockchain filing list, ranking the first in the province.
        Jinan took the lead in releasing the country's first "blockchain + epidemic prevention and control" standard. The number of blockchain patents ranks among the top ten in the world and won the first domestic blockchain security inspection certificate. Shandong blockchain Research Institute has reached the international top level in consensus algorithm, data storage and cryptographic technology;. The openness and sharing of government affairs data in Jinan is in the forefront of the whole country. The development index of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" has ranked first in the province for many years in a row. The big data industry development pilot demonstration and industrial Internet pilot demonstration both rank first in the province. Jinan information technology service industrial cluster was selected as one of the first strategic emerging industrial clusters in China. In 2021, the city's advanced manufacturing industry and digital economy will both enter the forefront of the country's new first tier cities. The proportion of digital economy in GDP will reach 45%, and the added value of core industries of digital economy will account for 16%, which is 10 percentage points higher than the provincial average level and twice the national average level.
        We will focus on accelerating the construction of computing infrastructure, accelerating the convergence of algorithms and computing resources, and comprehensively building new advantages of the computing industry. Jinan has embarked on an innovative path of high-quality development with computing power. The computing industry has become an important support for Jinan's major national strategy of serving the Yellow River. To seek a domain, we should also seek the overall situation; For a time, we must seek for a lifetime. Continuing to focus on computing power, algorithms and computing, fully promoting the construction of China's computing Valley, accelerating the construction of major industrial ecology by ministries, provinces and municipalities, and actively hosting the first China computing power conference are major measures for the overall situation and the world. With the aim of creating "a new highland of global computing industry, a new model of data convergence and sharing, and a new navigation mark of future smart industry", China computing valley will give full play to the leading advantages of the digital economy in the provincial capital, take Jinan high tech Zone as the development core area, give play to the leading role of Inspur Group, strengthen regional coordinated development, coordinate the development carrier of the digital economy in the whole province, and form a "1 + 2 + 3 + n" development spatial layout of "one zone, two cores, three supports and multiple parks", Accelerate the formation of a digital, networked and intelligent industrial development ecological "new blue ocean" to support and lead the high-quality development of the digital economy in the whole province and even the whole country.
        The core of the computing industry covers the whole process of industrial economy and digital economy. The core is digitalization, networking and intelligence. In the final analysis, it is advanced manufacturing and digital economy. Jinan unswervingly implements the development strategy of a strong industrial city and the leading strategy of the digital economy. Guided by the building of a digital pioneer city and a strong city with an intelligent economy, Jinan continues to increase the supply of institutional innovation. It has formulated and issued a "package" of policies and measures with the strategy of a strong industrial city as the core, and has formed a platform that covers the development of integrated circuits, 5g innovative applications, software industry upgrading, artificial intelligence acceleration, industrial Internet upgrading The "1 + n" policy service system in the fields of specialized, special and new cultivation will comprehensively promote digital industrialization, industrial digitization and urban digitization.
        Huawei's three innovation centers and Baidu's "one base, two platforms and three centers" have successively landed in Jinan, and the product brand of "two zones, two highs, one excellence, one valley and one island" of artificial intelligence has been gradually established; A number of high-quality digital industrial projects such as BYD Semiconductor R & D center, Shenzhen jinxinnuo and Huawei regional headquarters have started construction this year; 116 projects in the city were selected into the key digital economy project library of Shandong Province in 2022, accounting for 22%, ranking first in the province; Jinan National Internet backbone direct connection point was completed and opened, and the construction of "Spark & middot; chain network" super node was accelerated; Jinan high tech Zone, the core area of China's computing Valley, ranks among the top ten national high tech zones, and the computing Valley Science Park and industrial park have been fully started & hellip& hellip;。
        The dizzying new progress is accelerating the release of new driving forces for high-quality digital development, helping Jinan build a high-quality and complete digital industry ecology, and will also provide strong support for the construction of a digital province. With the support of China computing Valley as the carrier and the superposition of national grand events in the field of computing power, Jinan will accelerate the construction of new advantages in the computing power industry, and the wind will surely be flying and the future can be expected.
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