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The Ministry of science and technology supported the construction of ten artificial intelligence demonstration application scenarios in the first batch, focusing on solving the major application and Industrialization problems of artificial intelligence

Time : 23/09/2021 Author : jcgq4s Click : + -
        On July 29, 2022, in order to implement the State Council's new generation artificial intelligence development plan, systematically guide all localities and entities to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence scenarios and promote high-quality economic development, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas The National Health Commission and other six ministries and commissions jointly issued the notice on "accelerating the innovation of artificial intelligence scenarios and promoting the high-quality development of the economy with the high-level application of artificial intelligence", which requires that the innovation of artificial intelligence scenarios be promoted in an overall manner, and efforts should be made to solve the major application and Industrialization problems of artificial intelligence, so as to comprehensively improve the quality and level of artificial intelligence development; On August 12, the Ministry of science and Technology issued the "notice on supporting the construction of a new generation of artificial intelligence demonstration application scenarios", which will support a number of well-established artificial intelligence application scenarios, strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream research and development and the integration of new technologies, and create a number of replicable and promotable benchmark artificial intelligence demonstration application scenarios.
        The Ministry of science and technology supported the construction of ten artificial intelligence demonstration application scenarios in the first batch, including smart farms, smart ports, smart mines, smart factories, smart homes, smart education, automatic driving, smart diagnosis and treatment, smart courts, and smart supply chains. In order to implement the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the development of artificial intelligence, promote the innovation of artificial intelligence scenarios in an overall way, focus on solving major application and Industrialization problems of artificial intelligence, comprehensively improve the quality and level of artificial intelligence development, and better support high-quality development, The guiding opinions are formulated in accordance with the requirements of the fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development of the people's Republic of China and the outline of long-term goals for 2035 and the development plan for the new generation of artificial intelligence.
        Scenario Innovation is a process of realizing the iterative upgrading of new technologies and rapid industrial growth with the creative application of new technologies as the guide and the supply-demand linkage as the path. Promoting the innovation of artificial intelligence scenarios is of great significance to promote the higher level application of artificial intelligence and better support the high-quality development. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the increasingly abundant data and computing resources, and the continuous expansion of application scenarios in China have laid a solid foundation for the innovation of artificial intelligence scenarios. However, there are still some problems such as inadequate understanding of scene innovation, insufficient design of major scene systems, insufficient openness of scene opportunities, and imperfect scene innovation ecology. It is necessary to strengthen the overall planning and guidance of artificial intelligence scene innovation.
        Explore new models and new paths for the development of artificial intelligence, and promote high-quality economic development with the high-level application of artificial intelligence& mdash;& mdash; Enterprise led. Adhere to the dominant position of enterprises in the whole process of scene innovation, give full play to the guiding role of the government, and promote enterprises to become the main body of scene creativity, scene design and development, scene resource opening, and scene application demonstration.
        —& mdash; Innovation leadership. Facing the creative application of new technologies, we will take forward-looking ideas and pioneering practices as the starting point and use new models and methods to promote the landing of artificial intelligence application scenarios& mdash;& mdash; Open integration. We will promote all kinds of innovation entities to open up the scene opportunities, accelerate the convergence of capital, talent, technology, data, computing power and other elements around the scene innovation, and promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence innovation chain and industrial chain& mdash;& mdash; Collaborative governance. Respect the development law of artificial intelligence, give play to the enthusiasm of the government and the market, jointly provide institutional supply for scene innovation, and promote the coordination between the development of artificial intelligence innovation and regulatory norms.
        Scene innovation has become a new path for AI technology upgrading and industrial growth. Scene innovation achievements continue to emerge and promote the development of a new generation of AI to a higher level& mdash;& mdash; The emergence of major application scenarios accelerated. In the fields of economic and social development, scientific research and discovery, and major activity support, a number of major application scenarios with strong demonstration, high display and wide driving force have been formed& mdash;& mdash; Scene driven technology innovation has achieved remarkable results. Promote the optimization and upgrading of key AI technologies and system platforms through scenario Innovation, and form a continuous innovation force for the interactive evolution of technology supply and scenario demand& mdash;& mdash; The scene innovation cooperation ecology has initially taken shape.
        An artificial intelligence scene innovation system of collaborative cooperation among the government, industry and scientific and technological circles has been initially formed. The cooperation of scene innovation subjects has become closer and the innovation ability has been significantly improved& mdash;& mdash; Scene driven innovation mode is widely used. Scene opening and innovation has become an important means for local and industry to promote the development of artificial intelligence, and a number of scene opening policy measures and institutional achievements have been formed. We will encourage in-depth exploration of artificial intelligence technology application scenarios in key industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, finance, commerce and home furnishing to promote the high-end and efficient development of the intelligent economy. In the field of manufacturing, priority should be given to exploring intelligent scenarios such as industrial brain, robot assisted manufacturing, machine vision industrial detection, and equipment interconnection management.
        In the agricultural field, priority should be given to exploring intelligent scenarios such as agricultural machinery satellite navigation automatic driving operation, agricultural geographic information engine, network intensive agricultural machinery, rubber tree tapping, intelligent farm, digital management of industrial chain, UAV plant protection, agricultural production IOT monitoring, and agricultural product quality and safety control. In the logistics field, priority should be given to exploring intelligent scenarios such as robot sorting, material handling, intelligent three-dimensional storage and traceability terminals. In the financial field, priority should be given to exploring intelligent scenarios such as big data financial risk control, enterprise intelligent credit investigation, and intelligent anti fraud. In the business field, priority should be given to exploring intelligent scenarios such as multi person online collaborative meetings, online exhibitions, inventory and settlement. In the home field, priority should be given to exploring intelligent scenarios such as home intelligent interconnection, building intelligent monitoring, and product online design.
        In the consumption field, we will actively explore new scenarios such as Unmanned Container retail, unmanned supermarket and smart shopping guide. In the field of transportation, priority should be given to exploring the intelligent application scenarios of automatic driving and intelligent shipping technology in the park transportation, ferry connection, intelligent distribution, truck formation driving, container transportation in the port area, intelligent operation in the port area, and autonomous navigation of ships. Guided by a more intelligent city and a more intimate society, we will continue to explore the opportunities of artificial intelligence application scenarios in urban management, traffic management, ecological and environmental protection, medical and health, education, elderly care and other fields, and carry out intelligent social scenario application demonstration. In the field of urban management, explore the urban brain, the perception of urban IOT, the availability and invisibility of government data, and digital procurement.
        In the field of traffic management, we will explore such scenarios as traffic brain, smart road, smart parking, automatic driving, smart port and smart channel. In the field of ecological and environmental protection, we will focus on exploring scenarios such as intelligent environmental monitoring and autonomous inspection by unmanned machines. In the field of smart community, explore the future community, unmanned distribution, community e-commerce, digital restaurant and other scenarios. In the medical field, we actively explore such scenarios as medical image intelligent diagnosis, clinical diagnosis and treatment decision support, medical robots, Internet hospitals, intelligent medical equipment management, smart hospitals, and intelligent public health services. In the field of education, we actively explore such scenarios as online classroom, virtual classroom, virtual simulation training, virtual teaching and research room, new teaching materials, teaching resource construction, and smart campus.
        In the field of old-age care, we actively explore scenarios such as home intelligent monitoring and intelligent wearable device applications. In the field of rural areas, we will actively explore such scenarios as rural smart governance, digital rural housing, and online government services. Promote artificial intelligence technology to become a new paradigm for solving major scientific problems in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, geosciences, materials, biology and space science, give full play to the role of artificial intelligence technology in literature data acquisition, experimental prediction and result analysis, focus on new drug creation, gene research, biological breeding research and development, new material research and development, deep space and deep sea, and plan the application scenarios of artificial intelligence technology based on demand, Integrate artificial intelligence model algorithms and domain data knowledge to achieve research breakthroughs in major scientific issues and discoveries.
        In the Asian Games, the National Games, the China Import and export Expo, the service trade fair and other major events and conferences, we will expand the artificial intelligence application scenarios and provide testing and verification opportunities for artificial intelligence technology and product applications. We will encourage the use of artificial intelligence technology in major construction projects such as strategic backbone channels, high-speed railways, port and waterway facilities, and modern airport construction to improve the construction efficiency of major projects. Industry leading enterprises are encouraged to face major national strategic needs and key issues of the national economy and people's livelihood, and carry out scene joint innovation around the opportunities of developing artificial intelligence technology application scenarios such as enterprise intelligent management, key technology research and development, and new product cultivation. We will vigorously support specialized and innovative "little giants", unicorns, and AI start-ups to actively carry out scene innovation, participate in the construction of urban and industrial scenes, and achieve business growth through scene innovation.
        Local governments are encouraged to help enterprises achieve breakthroughs in scene innovation by compiling a recommended catalogue of scene innovation achievements. Support universities, scientific research institutes and new research and development institutions to explore the application scenarios of artificial intelligence technology for major scientific research and technological development. It is encouraged to actively meet the AI technology needs of cities and industries in the transformation of achievements, carry out industry university research cooperation in scene innovation, improve the market orientation of scientific research work, and activate the innovation potential of scientific researchers. Encourage scientific research personnel to participate in scene entrepreneurship, tap the scene creativity of artificial intelligence research achievements, and accelerate the industrial application of artificial intelligence technology. Encourage industry leading enterprises, leading enterprises in science and technology, social organizations in science and technology, new research and development institutions, etc. to carry out AI scene innovation practice guided by the integration and innovation of AI technology and industry, focus on the needs of industrial intelligent scene innovation, build a supporting environment for AI scene innovation, introduce industry scene resources, jointly carry out scene creation and incubate new enterprises and new businesses.
        Encourage market-oriented AI scene innovation to promote the development of service institutions, actively carry out theoretical research and practice in the aspects of AI scene discovery, release, docking, promotion and cultivation, and explore a new scene innovation mechanism of multi-agent cooperation. We will promote the national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone and the national artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot zone to carry out innovation experiments based on the scene, and carry out scene innovation demonstration in the aspects of Artificial Intelligence Scientific and technological innovation breakthroughs, deep integration of artificial intelligence and industry, and artificial intelligence social experiments. We will promote innovative cities, national independent innovation demonstration zones, and high-tech industrial development zones to carry out scene cultivation, and innovate work models in infrastructure construction, transformation of artificial intelligence achievements, enterprise cultivation, and industrial upgrading.
        Encourage various entities to establish a mechanism for the collection, selection and release of the list of normalized artificial intelligence scenarios. We will encourage local governments, leading enterprises, industry associations and professional service institutions to solicit scenarios around the needs of economic and social development and scientific and technological innovation. By holding press conferences, scene conferences, setting up scene release platforms and other means, we have established a scene opportunity list release mechanism, regularly release scene opportunities for AI enterprises, and promote the transformation of AI cultivation from "giving policies" and "giving projects" to "giving opportunities". Encourage all localities to hold high-level scene innovation activities, release scene innovation achievements and scene cooperation opportunities, provide high-end communication platforms for scene suppliers, research institutions, enterprises and investment institutions, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among scene innovation subjects.
        Encourage the organization of AI scene theme innovation competition, carry out scene innovation around the needs of social governance and industrial innovation, and form a number of demonstration and promotional solutions. Encourage the construction of artificial intelligence scene innovation experience area, exhibition hall and other scene display experience environment integrating testing, display, roadshow and experience, and regularly hold scene display experience activities for the society to enhance the sense of scientific and technological experience and acquisition of artificial intelligence. Local governments, central enterprises and industry leaders are encouraged to promote the docking and cooperation between scene suppliers and demanders by means of "publicity, joint innovation and excellent scene promotion". We will strengthen policy and financial support to promote the implementation of innovative and exemplary benchmarking projects.
        Explore new mechanisms for market-oriented scenario cooperation, and form new systems in terms of business model, project procurement, capital cooperation, etc. that meet the characteristics of the scenario. Encourage cross regional scene cooperation, encourage Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area and other urban agglomerations to explore the establishment of artificial intelligence scene innovation communities, give play to the leading role of scientific and technological radiation of central cities, and carry out inter city scene innovation cooperation. Encourage the open sharing of AI infrastructure resources such as computing power platform, common technology platform, industry training data set and simulation training platform to provide computing power and algorithm resources for AI enterprises to carry out scene innovation. Local governments are encouraged to reduce the use cost of the infrastructure of AI enterprises through sharing and opening, service purchase, innovation coupons, etc., and improve the computational support for AI scenario Innovation.
        We will promote the construction and opening of artificial intelligence "data bases" in cities and industries, adopt new technologies such as blockchain and privacy computing, and provide data opening services for typical AI application scenarios on the premise of ensuring data security. We will strengthen the security protection of the "data base" and protect personal information, trade secrets, and important industry data according to law. Ordinary colleges and vocational colleges are encouraged to set up scene innovation courses in the teaching of artificial intelligence, to stimulate the scene imagination of students majoring in artificial intelligence and improve their scene innovation literacy and ability. Encourage the training of scene innovation talents, and cultivate a number of professionals with scene innovation awareness and ability through setting up workshops, conducting scene practice exchanges, and organizing scene special training.
        Financial institutions such as banks and insurance are encouraged to research and develop financial products for SME scenario Innovation, and provide financial support for SMEs to promote scenario project construction. Market oriented investment institutions are encouraged to pay attention to scenario innovation enterprises, cultivate a batch of "patient" capital, and provide financing support for technology enterprises that carry out scenario Innovation. Large enterprises in the industry are encouraged to provide supply chain support for the implementation of scene projects and the promotion of achievements in the process of jointly carrying out scene innovation with science and technology enterprises, and give priority to integrating scene innovation achievements into the supply chain system. Incubators and service institutions are encouraged to carry out scenario roadshows and other activities to help enterprises find potential scenarios. In order to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence, help stabilize the economy and cultivate new economic growth points, according to the development plan of the new generation of artificial intelligence issued by the State Council and the guidance on accelerating scene innovation and promoting high-quality economic development with high-level application of artificial intelligence jointly issued by the Ministry of science and technology and other six departments, the work of supporting the construction of a new generation of artificial intelligence demonstration application scenarios is now started.
        Relevant matters are notified as follows. Adhere to the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main economic battlefield, the major national needs and the people's life and health, give full play to the role of artificial intelligence in enabling economic and social development, support a number of well-based artificial intelligence application scenarios around the construction of a full chain and full process artificial intelligence industry application ecology, strengthen the upstream and downstream cooperation and new technology integration in R & D, and create a batch of replicable Scalable benchmarking demonstration application scenarios. Ten demonstration application scenarios were supported in the first batch. For the production process of rice, corn, wheat, cotton and other crops, focus on the key operation links such as "farming, planting, management and harvesting", and use the key technologies such as agricultural intelligent equipment for group intelligent and autonomous unmanned operation to build typical large-scale operation scenarios such as adaptive perception of farmland soil change, behavior control of agricultural machinery, real-time collaboration of groups, and brain of smart farms, so as to realize intensive, less personnel Precision.
        For the key business links of large-scale port berths, quay and bridge management, as well as storage yard and stowage scheduling, intelligent
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