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The recording of the big guy in the currency circle reveals the hidden rules: leeks are "cut" in this way

Time : 13/12/2021 Author : rviscu Click : + -
        In this recording, this big man in the currency circle did not shy away from treating blockchain investors as leeks and harvesting leeks by improving his online popularity. At the same time, he also attacked a large number of important people and important projects in the blockchain market. The recording has not only caused a great stir in the "coin circle" and blockchain fields, but also aroused a high degree of attention in a wider range. This recording lasted more than 50 minutes. In this recording, Li Xiaolai wantonly ridiculed the value investment in the currency circle, thinking that it was the work of mediocre people. He believes that in the blockchain field, if you want to make big money, you need to do these things. He said: "first, you must be an online celebrity. The biggest value of the blockchain is the consensus value.
        What does consensus mean? It's not worth money, but more people believe it, and it's worth money in the end & hellip& hellip; There are too many fools, and the consensus of fools is also the consensus, which will also produce value & hellip& hellip; As people who do not think they are fools, we must also accept this fact. ". "Why can I get to this day? I don't speculate on money, I buy it and stay there." & hellip; & hellip; I'm actually an online celebrity, and this content has always been there. I have a large readership. In the real world, the number of my readership is not much, but in this world (refers to the blockchain circle), who has 1 million readers like me? ".
        People outside the currency circle seem to be shocked, but in the currency circle, it has long been a hidden rule of the game. As the money circulation path of the coin circle is mainly to issue coins through the exchange and find leeks to receive the plate. Therefore, how to make people recognize the value of virtual currency is the key. However, due to the complexity of blockchain technology, it is difficult for most people to understand it. Therefore, the appeal of the issuer has become an important factor affecting the currency price. To sum up, Li Xiaolai said: "first, you should find ways to become a person with traffic, and then make good use of your own traffic. Second, you should become a person with a technical team. In the past, you raised funds for three months, now you raise funds for five minutes. In the past, you were listed on the New York Stock Exchange for 18 months. Now, people agree to go directly, so the intermediate links will be eliminated.
        In this recording, Li Xiaolai talked about a number of blockchain projects and characters in the currency circle, such as Lao Mao, Neo, Ethereum, ripple, Yi Lihua, Luo Zhenyu, etc. Chen Weixing, the founder of Kuai and who has just released the "taxi chain", believes that retail investors in finance have always cheated retail investors of their pocket money by hyping online celebrities and concepts. It's ridiculous that they still think that they are the future direction. He Yi, co-founder of Bi'An, responded that all liars are liars. I had a deep understanding of my own foolishness and decided to stick to it.
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