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Good news | border intelligence, irita, won the "2021, China blockchain famous product"

Time : 14/09/2021 Author : iod6wn Click : + -
        On November 9, it was sponsored by the associated press of finance, jointly sponsored by the China financial information center and the science and technology innovation board daily The border intelligence "blockchain product series irita supporting the new generation of distributed commerce" undertaken by Lujiazui blockchain financial development alliance and other institutions was successfully awarded with its cutting-edge innovative technology and flexible and extensive commercial application landing ability "2021 China blockchain famous products". This list was jointly launched by the associated press of Finance and the blockchain daily. After the expert group's investigation and selection from the four dimensions of technology, market, capital and risk, the irita series products of the enterprise level alliance chain of border intelligence, together with Baidu's super chain xupchain, wechat bank, grapefruit Industrial Road and other enterprise products, were included in the list of "2021 China blockchain famous products".
        The irita series selected this time is an enterprise level alliance chain product line independently developed by boundary intelligence to support the next generation distributed business system, with the core of blockchain cross chain, privacy computing and big data analysis technology innovation. It supports China's national secret standards, and is supported by a complete SDK and operation and maintenance tools. It has the advantages of performance, security and reliability, certification and authority, maintainability Scalability, operation and maintenance monitoring and other aspects meet the needs of enterprise level applications, and can be widely used in various business scenarios such as finance, medical care, supply chain, and Internet of vehicles, providing the real economy with value empowerment based on the blockchain trust machine.
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