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Does your family have a blockchain? Listed companies responded intensively to the reminder of institutions to pay attention to the short-term chasing high risk - Bull bear eye

Time : 02/06/2022 Author : 6s9v0j Click : + -
        On October 28, blockchain concept stocks collectively raised the trading limit. As of the press release, Fuguang shares had risen by more than 16%, and more than 100 stocks such as 2345, Guangbo shares and Jinglan technology still rose by the limit. Jingu shares: the participating company is a blockchain business service provider; Jiuqi software: the blockchain financial system service of the subsidiary enters the filing list of the Internet Information Office; Huasoft Technology: the company's "simple chain" is one of the second batch of domestic blockchain information service filing projects; Zhuoyi Technology: we are deeply discussing various landing application scenarios of blockchain with our partners; Bonded technology: the company signed a letter of intent on strategic cooperation with JD digital technology; Hanwei Technology: the joint-stock subsidiaries continue to have blockchain business orders landing nationwide; Westone: the controlling shareholder said that the company was the first main force engaged in blockchain technology research in China; MEDA Digital: participating companies involve data encryption technology and blockchain technology; Jinglan Technology: the blockchain agricultural production traceability system of the subordinate company is filed through the blockchain information service; Meiya Baike: blockchain technology has been initially applied to the company's electronic data storage and other business areas; Aikang Technology: it has a blockchain accounting service platform and a blockchain digital asset security and management platform; Rongji software: the company has carried out relevant work on blockchain application exploration and innovation; Xuanya International: the company is committed to using blockchain technology to serve the real economy and national strategy in the fields of supply chain finance, smart port, and blockchain food traceability; Meiyingsen: the core product "two platforms and one carrier" of Zhejiang Oracle super Code Technology Co., Ltd., which the company shares, is the "super code PAAS open platform" and "super agricultural brain cloud platform" with the blockchain as the underlying technology framework, and the application carrier of the "one object and one code" product ID card.
        Jiaze Xinneng: the company has no technical reserve or layout related to blockchain; Kechuang information: the company has no R & D and reserve of blockchain technology; Jihua Group: Currently, there is no relevant application in blockchain; Fubang shares: the digital soil map project has not yet used blockchain related technologies. CICC pointed out that according to the incomplete arrangement, 66 companies in A-share, H-share and zhonggai share have blockchain related businesses, among which the enterprises with large market value include Alibaba, Tencent, Ping An, Hang Seng electronics, aerospace information and Zhongan online. How to benefit in the future needs further study. According to the latest research report of Zhongtai securities, with the improvement of the status of the ecological strategy of the blockchain industry this time, we should grasp the relevant investment opportunities from three main lines: first, blockchain technology, as the young talent of the new generation of information technology, and under the tone of "important breakthrough of independent innovation of core technology", it is suggested to pay close attention to the relevant opportunities under the theme investment of blockchain in the near future; Second, it is suggested to pay attention to the large financial sector driven by financial innovation driven by the application of blockchain technology; Third, information technology such as blockchain, 5g and AI has become the strategic direction for seeking new competitive advantages. It is suggested to continue to pay attention to scientific and technological innovation enterprises led by hard technology.
        Haitong Securities said that it was announced on the news page last Friday evening that the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee had conducted a collective study on the current situation and trend of the development of blockchain technology, and stressed that blockchain should be taken as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. In the future, blockchain will have wide application space in finance, medical treatment, government affairs processing, smart city and other fields. However, it should be recognized that blockchain technology still has the problem of low cost and high efficiency, and it is not widely applicable to all application scenarios. Moreover, it will take time to verify the performance growth of each listed company. Therefore, the concept of "blockchain" will inevitably return to value after speculation, Therefore, investors need to pay attention to the risk of short-term chasing.
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