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Urban environmental infrastructure construction speeds up, blockchain technology products enter the official certification directory

Time : 16/06/2022 Author : qiarun Click : + -
        In order to improve the certification system of financial technology products and better meet the needs of the development and supervision of the financial industry, the State Administration of market supervision and the people's Bank of China recently issued the catalogue of financial technology product certification (second batch) and the rules for financial technology product certification, adding blockchain Technology products. Dongfang Securities believes that as a new infrastructure, blockchain can be widely used in multiple vertical application scenarios. Since 2020, the national policy has attached great importance to the role of emerging infrastructure represented by blockchain in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. At the same time, in the context of information and innovation, the blockchain strategy is of great significance. It is suggested to pay attention to the manufacturers that have deployed cross chain technology, such as Xinhu Zhongbao and Sifang Jingchuang.
        The national development and Reform Commission and other four departments recently issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the construction of urban environmental infrastructure. It is proposed that by 2025, the new sewage treatment capacity will be 20 million cubic meters per day, the new and reconstructed sewage collection network will be 80000 kilometers, the new, reconstructed and expanded reclaimed water production capacity will not be less than 15 million cubic meters per day, and the sewage treatment rate of the county will reach more than 95%. Guosheng Securities said that the monitoring and testing of water environment will be gradually systematized and transparent, and the standards will be more strict. The water environment supervision policy is becoming stricter, and the industrial space of sewage treatment service and sewage treatment equipment is expected to be further opened. It is recommended to pay attention to Hongcheng water industry and green water source.
        The 2022 World Mobile Communication Conference (MWC) will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 28 to March 3. Huawei officially confirmed that it will participate in the exhibition. Huawei said that green and low-carbon has been recognized by more and more people, and ICT Technology (information and communication technology) plays an increasingly important role in it. Guojin Securities believes that the investment opportunities of the communication industry are transferred to the new generation of ICT industry, and the supply chain of equipment manufacturers is more structured. It pays attention to the ICT equipment manufacturers ZTE, China Mobile, and mobile communications. On February 9, the State Council Information Office held a regular briefing on the policies of the State Council. At the meeting, Qiu Ru, head of the mass sports department of the General Administration of sports, pointed out that during the "14th five year plan" period, more than 1000 sports parks were newly built, renovated and expanded, and the management of national fitness equipment was strengthened.
        Xinda Securities pointed out that the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is comprehensively promoting the development of national fitness and the construction of a sports power, and China's sports industry will usher in a golden opportunity period. The opportunities come from the national policies and sports reform dividends, the national fitness boom and the rapid expansion of the sports industry. It is suggested to pay attention to Anta sports, Li Ning and Tebu international, as well as the benefit targets of high-speed development of sports industry: China sports industry, Shuhua sports, contemporary sports, etc.
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