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The ultimate guide to blockchain wool collection

Time : 01/05/2022 Author : v10rwl Click : + -
        If you are not worth more than ten million, you should pay attention to this guide. Some experts pointed out that blockchain is a once-in-a-century opportunity to create wealth. How to collect wool correctly? We found three shortcuts: run a media, stir fry the domain name, and open a training class. Each of the born wealth can make you work hard and stare. It is said that the media is a water meter for industrial development. When the blockchain soars, the hydropower meter also rotates rapidly. Some even said that "the foam of blockchain media is bigger than that of blockchain". We media is an outstanding player in "blockchain Craziness". Take wechat official account as an example, they are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. According to statistics, there are 130 official account with "chain" in their names and 170 with "coin".
        More than 50 of them were born in January this year. They produce articles that drown out all other categories. The trend of the new list shows that in the last 30 days, there were more than 20000 articles on the blockchain, which exceeded the new retail and was only under the artificial intelligence. Take the blockchain's largest "digital currency trend maniac" as an example. It was originally a financial information number that read 5000 headlines every day. Since May last year, it has started to send a digital currency trading quotation every day. Today, its reading volume has increased 10 times, and the new list index is approaching the top 500. Against the current situation, in addition to the traffic bonus, we media are also attracted by the "money scene" in front of us. In the investigation of the Beijing News, a traditional financial reporter has been working on the official account for only 20 days, and has not read more than a thousand. Six investors have come to visit.
        And her 94 year old apprentice changed careers earlier, and has earned eight figures to realize wealth and freedom. In the rush of these media, "blockchain reporter" has also become a proper term, and its value has doubled. A reporter who can interpret technology and follow up hot spots will be offered an annual salary of 200000 at most. More media give play to the "geek spirit" and directly use Ethereum eth to pay wages. (the current price is about 5500 yuan / ETH) just a few months ago, these reporters were still sighing for Mimeng's "50000 monthly salary assistant". "There are so many ICO coins in the market, which need to be packaged to serve leeks, and this depends on the investors and the media." We media person li Muyang spoke the true meaning of the hype in the currency circle.
        The market confirmed this statement. Some media have just been exposed that a soft article with less than 200 clicks will cost 100000 yuan. It is said that the head media of the blockchain can earn up to 20-30 million yuan per month, and the most contribution is paid news. Blockchain media is a typical traffic track. On this new track, everyone stands on the same track. The original media traffic bonus has passed, and the head pattern is stable. However, the emergence of blockchain gives the media a chance to turn the tables. Returning to the dividend period, they are naturally favored by investors. Recently, the news that blockchain media has been invested is dazzling. Meihua Angel venture capital has invested in deep chain finance and Babbitt. The former is a typical media idea, while the latter is a leading media + community in China.
        Pre angel has invested in deep chain finance and China Europe blockchain observation. IDG and others invested in Mars finance. Cao Guoxiong's Puhua capital and Fu zhekuan's Qifu capital have also taken actions. Blockchain + media is considered as a new media form: when users create, read and forward content, they can get the incentive of tokens. Content recommendation and review rights will also be handed over to users: when generating new blocks, unpopular content cannot be widely disseminated because of incentives (unlike bitcoin, all nodes synchronize information). Therefore, it is possible to form a new mechanism for content production, consumption and dissemination, rather than a rough recommendation algorithm.
        Recently, tiger finance and Mars finance both announced the use of this content operation mode and received tens of millions of yuan in financing. Newsdog, which is compared to "India's version of today's headlines", has also joined hands with CNN to build a decentralized news network. Li Xiaolai told us: make money quickly. There is nothing faster than frying domain names. With low threshold and high return, it is one of the few ways for the public to participate in the blockchain carnival. In the past few days, wechat circle of friends has also become an auction house for domain names. The next "Cai Wensheng" may be born in your circle of friends. The real domain name transaction is indeed unprecedented. Bitcoin, blockchain, every word split contains infinite wealth.
        A total of 3.015 million yuan has been paid. Currently, the website has been filed but has not been launched. 105000 yuan. The animal domain name changed into a "coin" and was traded at a seven digit price. Dai Yue, a big man in the industry, has concentrated on acquiring several domain names such as Zhaobi (coin finding), BTB and Lian, and it is said that the transaction volume is as high as several million yuan. Besides professional players, entrepreneurs are not absent. Sun Yuchen, a post-90s entrepreneur, was recently found to have bought seven domain names at one go, including,,,, and Among them, and are naturally bitcoin related.
        trx. Top is preparing for its own blockchain project wavefield (issuing wavefield currency Tronix). It can be said that sun Yuchen is the intersection of the investment circle and the domain name speculation. Xue Manzi was actually recommended by sun Yuchen to buy a large number of XRP coins in 2014 before "embracing Li Xiaolai". At that time, the unit price of rupiah was about 3 cents. In January 2018, it rose to more than 3 yuan. His wave field Tron has also been financed by Dai Yusen, who started a business with Chen ou. Up to now, the door of the company "accompany me" founded by sun Yuchen is still full of photos of him and investment tycoons. In the past 30 days, the Baidu Index of "blockchain training" increased by 921% year-on-year, and there is no sign of decline so far.
        Anecdotes often make headlines: the training class produces 80 lecturers in three days, and then these lecturers go to fill the new training class. One lecturer said, "I used to be a wholesaler of imported lighting, an urban landscape designer, and an owner of a boutique cigarette hotel. Now I have finally become an expert in the blockchain training course.". What the trainers like about blockchain is that "no one understands it", which can be explained in depth or in depth. The price of "employment sprint class" is tens of thousands of yuan, and the bid price of "zero basic introduction" is the running volume. As for the difference, it may just be the different sales strategies. Behind the training courses, there is a job market that needs to be fed. Recruitment data show that compared with January, 16000 new blockchain jobs were created in Hangzhou in February, including 12000 technical talents.
        Xu Liyi, its mayor, said, "for the future of Hangzhou, the status of blockchain is second only to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, ahead of quantum technology and ranking third." Even if the application prospect is not clear, the policy will generate a wave of employment opportunities. In addition to employment oriented, training courses for entrepreneurs are also emerging. A new media blockchain course, as long as it is shared with a circle of friends, can attend the course for free. So far, it has attracted 30 groups, with 450 people in each group. When I shared it with a friend, she denounced me as more cruel than wechat. "I'm afraid that before the rise of blockchain technology, pyramid schemes were terminated.". In this wave of training, knowledge payment platforms are also entering the market.
        There is a long list of online blockchain courses: Netease cloud class, Tencent class, litchi micro class, three classes & hellip& hellip; Even if it is not a traffic platform, it can make a lot of money by producing its own courses: a Silicon Valley technology media developed a smart contract development course, and now the third phase is on sale. For the second phase only, the tuition fee is 1000 yuan & times; According to 100 people, this online course earns millions of yuan in a month. It can be expected that in the future, it will not be far away to listen to the "blockchain talking mountain" in the column "short, big and close to the north". Gao Xiaosong has been dragged into the "three o'clock sleepless" group by Cai Wensheng.
        He also announced that the music industry will usher in a "blockchain revolution", and it is time to beat up the record companies. Who else missed this wave of blockchain fever? Luo Yonghao is probably one. Some people have been alertly asking: is Luo Yonghao's "subversive product" issued at the bird's nest in May a blockchain token?.
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