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Blockchain currency,The economist's global headlines: Yunnan Baiyao responds to the formula, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge opens, hurui responds to the hornet's nest

Time : 27/07/2022 Author : ye2j48 Click : + -
        It was exposed that Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste contained tranexamic acid, a component of hemostatic western medicine, which attracted the attention of consumers. Some people questioned whether the hemostatic effect of Yunnan Baiyao was Chinese herbal medicine or tranexamic acid. In response to media enquiries, the staff of Yunnan Baiyao group said: there is no intention to deceive consumers, otherwise it will definitely not be marked with this ingredient. The toothpaste contains the pharmaceutical active ingredients of Yunnan Baiyao to help alleviate gum problems. The longest cross sea bridge in the world & mdash& mdash; The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge will be officially opened to traffic tomorrow. It has been selected as one of the "seven wonders of the new world" by the British guardian. Li Na, the principal of the structural health monitoring system of the main works of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and the deputy chief engineer of the public Planning Institute, said that they have specially built a convenient and practical bridge health monitoring system, equipped with advanced intelligent sensor equipment, and adopted Internet of things technology, big data processing and analysis technology and the latest human-computer interaction technology.
        At 3:00 a.m. on October 23, Shenzhen hurui Data Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hurui data) issued an official statement on the fraud and prosecution of the data of Malaysia cellular. In the statement, hurui data team said that it had made video recordings, screenshots and judicial notarization of a large number of suspicious behaviors, and had mastered the information of the internal employees of the hornet nest who took over the plagiarized accounts. All the analysis contents and comments disappeared account links that were understood and determined were recorded on its official website. Alibaba will launch the "one station, one satellite" program around the "double 11" of this year, launching the "candy can" mini space station and the "tmall global" communication satellite into space. According to relevant project personnel of Alibaba, the plan will better realize online and offline interaction during the "double 11" period. At that time, global consumers can receive many surprises from space and share happiness.
        The 16-year-old Xiaoxue dropped out of school to work because of lack of money. In May this year, she applied to work as a waiter in a fat man's private restaurant in Xi'an. Xiaoxue said that if you go to the toilet for more than 10 minutes, you have to deduct money. After leaving her job, she found that she and another colleague had worked for more than 20 days in September, but the salary had become negative. According to the wage slip, Xiaoxue's salary is 60 yuan per day, and her attendance for 20 days is 1200 yuan in total. Because she is late and forgets to punch in, she deducts 145 yuan in total, her work clothes, apron keys, etc. are 250 yuan in total, and her absence from work for two days is 500 yuan per day. Finally, her actual salary is minus 195 yuan. At the "world intelligent Internet connected automobile conference", 360 announced the launch of the "automobile safety brain", saying that it can block attacks in a timely manner by means of network protection to protect driving safety.
        Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group, said that intelligent connected vehicles must pay attention to information security and privacy protection, vulnerability discovery and emergency remedy, driving safety and malicious control, network boundary and system autonomy. 36 krypton learned from FF that FF was facing financial difficulties because the investor Evergrande health failed to fulfill its commitments and pay the amount it agreed to pay. On October 21, us time, FF said by email to all employees that the company was forced to reduce the salary of all employees by 20%. Among them, Jia Yueting, the founder and CEO of the company, will only receive an annual salary of US $1, and has started negotiations with new financing. Next, the company will "have to take layoffs.".
        ”。 According to foreign media reports, Brendan & middot, co-founder of oculus, the augmented reality Department of Facebook, the world's largest social network; Brendan Iribe announced on Monday that he would leave Facebook. Before him, another co-founder of oculus, Palmer & middot; Palmer luckey left Facebook in 2016. According to the report of the guardian on October 21, the latest information of the trial of the case has been released recently. According to the internal email of Harvard admissions office officials, the rich and those who have established a long-term relationship with Harvard are suspected to have preferential treatment for admission.
        Behind an applicant recruited in 2015 were anonymous donors who "promised to donate a building" and two other people who "promised to make a large donation to". Recently, some media exposed that the batteries produced by LG company in South Korea have quality problems. According to the data of the battery high-temperature charge and discharge cycle test report issued by ICAS, many models of lithium batteries produced by LG company have the failure phenomenon of high-temperature voltage of 0, and can not be charged and discharged again. According to foreign media reports, on October 19, local time, Morgan Stanley downgraded Ford Motor, saying that Ford Motor's earnings and cash flow were under pressure and its dividend was at risk.
        Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas downgraded Ford's stock price from "buy" to "hold" and lowered Ford's target stock price for the next 12-18 months from $14 to $10 per share. Recently, IBM has launched a new aiopenscale technology platform to address many obstacles in the application of artificial intelligence (AI), such as explaining how to make decisions in AI applications, the shortage of global AI technology talents, and the complexity caused by the application of different AI tools from multiple manufacturers. Last week, gofun, the shared car platform of Shouqi group, announced an important message at the product upgrade conference, that is, gofun will introduce the blockchain digital asset "energy block" and mine when it is used. This is also considered as the test water for the blockchain business of Shouqi group.
        Bitkanapp was comprehensively upgraded on October 15 to further optimize the performance of the market module, improve the user's self selected market experience, increase more information and news sources, optimize the startup speed of the app, and shorten the user's waiting time and registration and login processes. Bring innovative experiences to bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain users. Mike novograts, one of the largest cryptocurrency supporters, announced on Thursday (October 18) that in cooperation with Goldman Sachs, the company will create a cryptocurrency trading counter to invest in bitgo Holdings Inc.
        Bitgoinc is a market leader in institutional cryptocurrency investment services, providing institutional investors with blockchain based currency security, compliance and custody solutions. British media reported on the 22nd that Philip & middot, the world's largest tobacco company and Marlboro cigarette manufacturer; Morris invested 2 million pounds (about 18.1 million yuan) to launch a campaign aimed at helping 7.4 million smokers in the UK to achieve "smoke-free" for one month. According to the report, a study conducted by the public health organization in England found that smokers who had quit smoking for 28 days were five times more likely to quit smoking completely than those who had quit smoking for less than 28 days.
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