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The first local blockchain in China, and the security standard is expected to appear in Shanghai

Time : 20/11/2021 Author : jto4ks Click : + -
        According to the news of Shanghai Securities News on September 11, the reporter of Shanghai Securities News learned that in order to strengthen the guidance and regulation of blockchain technology and promote the safe and orderly development of blockchain technology application, the Shanghai local standard general specification for blockchain technology security (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the specification) has been formed. According to the requirements of the procedures for the preparation and revision of local standards in Shanghai, the Shanghai Information Security Evaluation and Certification Center recently solicited public opinions on the "norms". This means that the first local blockchain security standard in China will be unveiled in Shanghai, and there will be rules for blockchain "cracking down on counterfeits". At the same time, the national blockchain technology standard is also being developed.
        China has clearly requested to take the blockchain as an important breakthrough for core technology and independent innovation. At the stage of rapid development of blockchain technology and industrial applications, there is an urgent need to pay attention to the potential security risks in the application of blockchain technology. The specification further focuses on and refines the common technical risks of blockchain technology, and puts forward corresponding general requirements for security, which is of great significance for promoting the healthy development of blockchain technology and ensuring the safe application of blockchain technology. It is reported that the specification is a comprehensive and multi-level general specification for blockchain security, involving all levels of blockchain technology. Wherein the extension layer includes smart contracts and service access; The protocol layer includes consensus mechanism, cryptography mechanism, personal information protection and networking mechanism; The infrastructure layer includes storage, network and computing.
        In addition, the field of blockchain application security is also a key link of blockchain security that cannot be ignored. At present, blockchain has been widely used in digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management and many other fields. The application security requirements of different industries vary greatly. The specification focuses on the technical universality and security of the blockchain itself, and focuses on analyzing the internal security defects of the core mechanism of the blockchain and the security risks that may arise during the deployment of applications. Among them, in terms of personal information protection, the specification requires that the side chain technology should be used to realize the personal information protection function, and the sensitive data of user business should be placed on the side chain instead of being stored on the open main chain.
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