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JD Digital Technology launched the "universal cloud signature" support plan to provide free blockchain electronic contract services for small and medium-sized enterprises

Time : 28/07/2021 Author : ru83yh Click : + -
        On July 15, according to the news from yiou, JD Digital Technology launched two initiatives in the blockchain field in succession, aiming to optimize the business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises: first, it released the "universal cloud signing" plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises, and provided free cloud services for signing blockchain electronic contracts for small and medium-sized enterprises across the country, so as to solve the problems faced by traditional contracts such as high cost, low timeliness and easy to fake; The second is to use the blockchain credit circulation platform to help small, medium and micro enterprises obtain more convenient financing services and relieve the financial pressure after the epidemic. These two blockchain applications have realized the connection with the Internet court data. Once a dispute occurs, one key can be used to provide evidence, reducing the time of online arbitration from one month to seven days, greatly improving the efficiency of rights protection.
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