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The first "blockchain" theme was set. The 2020 Chengdu global innovation fair was held on October 9

Time : 23/12/2021 Author : 7ulkg6 Click : + -
        On the morning of September 25, the Information Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's government held a press conference to announce that the 2020 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair - the first international blockchain Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "2020 innovation and entrepreneurship fair") will be held in the Western China Expo City from October 29 to 30, with the theme of "linking ecology and creating a new future". The conference includes 1 opening ceremony, 6 professional forum summits, 1 blockchain application scene exhibition, 1 roadshow transaction and 1 innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Various districts (cities) and counties of Chengdu will also organize several supporting activities in the same period. Among them, the opening ceremony will invite famous domestic academicians and experts and well-known enterprise executives to attend the conference and give keynote speeches around the "double cycle" of the new infrastructure of blockchain, the application development of blockchain supported by cryptotechnology, and the comprehensive embrace of blockchain to the industrial Internet.
        Authoritative institutions will also be invited to release the top ten forecasts for the development of China's blockchain industry. The six professional forum summits will focus on blockchain technology and infrastructure, blockchain security applications, financial product innovation, standard planning and blockchain ecological construction. One blockchain application scenario exhibition, with the theme of "open scenarios linking the future", will take the demonstration application of blockchain technology in specific urban governance scenarios as the entry point and actively explore the innovative application of new technologies in various scenarios of urban development. The planned area of the exhibition area is 20000 square meters, which is divided into three parts: "sequence exhibition area + application scene exhibition area + special exhibition area of enterprises and institutions". One roadshow transaction will release the list of urban opportunities, organize and implement the supply and demand docking meeting for application scenario construction, the blockchain investment and financing docking meeting, and the blockchain special training.
        Organize a blockchain talent recruitment special session, set up a "cloud Recruitment" platform for entrepreneurial talents, and achieve full coverage of social recruitment, campus recruitment, high-end elite, overseas students, internship training and other recruitment categories. One innovation and entrepreneurship competition will focus on community governance, smart city, finance, medical and other open scenarios, organize competitions according to multiple dimensions such as basic technology products, scenario Innovation and application, and solicit high-quality blockchain project plans and teams from the world to promote blockchain application innovation and business scenarios. It is reported that since 2015, Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship Fair has been successfully held for five times. The sixth session of this year has chosen blockchain as the theme, aiming to take the demonstration and application of blockchain technology in specific scenarios of urban governance as the entry point, and hold a number of main activities and supporting activities through forums, exhibitions, transactions, competitions and other forms to guide and promote blockchain developers Platform operators and other ecological participants strengthen industry self-discipline and share urban opportunities, promote the safe and orderly development of blockchain, release the potential of "blockchain +" to promote prosperity and development, and strive to build Chengdu into a pioneer of blockchain hard core technology, a model room for blockchain innovation and application, and a testing ground for the linkage development of blockchain related industries.
        It is reported that at the 2020 innovation fair, in addition to the "national teams" in the blockchain field such as China Institute of information and communications, China Computer Society and China Electronics Technology Group, academician Chen Chun, academician Zheng Zhiming, academician Chen Zuo Ning, Academician Wu Jiangxing, Professor Lin Yifu of Peking University and other famous academicians and experts will also attend the meeting. (Chuanguan news reporter Xiao yingpei).
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