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Lakala 2021 annual report: "payment" and "technology" two major businesses have become the focus of performance growth

Time : 29/06/2022 Author : j8opzi Click : + -
        Digital RMB business has become the focus of lakala's "payment service". Lakala has the market leading digital RMB payment acceptance capacity, and has served 1.55 million merchants. At the same time, lakala has achieved many national firsts in exploring the landing of the digital RMB scene. For example, it has carried out the first batch of digital RMB payroll and welfare payment with ICBC and Bank of China, and cooperated with modern insurance to issue the first digital RMB insurance policy in Beijing. In addition, lakala also participated in the construction of the payment environment for the Beijing Winter Olympics. In 2019, lakala launched strategy 4.0 after its listing, and its positioning was upgraded from "helping merchants collect money" to "helping merchants make money". Among them, the focus of scientific and technological services was on the "cloud store digital operation platform".
        During the reporting period, lakala completed the R & D and launch of five major systems, "intelligent order, intelligent storage, intelligent distribution, cloud shopkeeper (Procurement), and cloud master (small store operation)". Although affected by the epidemic, it still achieved 315 million Gmv. After the end of the epidemic, lakala plans to comprehensively promote the digital operation platform of cloud stores across the country. It plans to cover 1 million stores in 100 cities in three years.
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