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Comments on the operation of the board of directors of beixinyuan in the half year of 2022

Time : 20/07/2021 Author : 64sl8y Click : + -
        The company is a leading enterprise in the field of terminal security management in China and a leading solution provider in the field of network and information security. It provides customers with industry-level and city level systematic information service solutions covering software development, operation and maintenance management and system integration of network and information security. The users involve tens of thousands of units and some cities in important industries such as government, military, military industry, finance and energy. At present, the company's product system has completed the creation of three major patterns of "information security and innovation, mobile office and secure communication application, smart community and health care", which has made the company gradually become a comprehensive product provider and solution provider of intelligent security in the digital economy era from a traditional terminal security leader.
        At the same time, as one of the important development strategies, the company has launched a complete set of security products and solutions for the information and innovation platform, integrated many information and innovation platforms to build a complete ecological chain, worked together to create an information technology application innovation system, provided safe and reliable software and hardware integration solutions for industrial customers and urban customers, and provided more comprehensive and flexible information security guarantee Products and solutions support the national information technology application innovation development strategy, contribute more to the national information security construction and information innovation platform development strategy, and escort the development of China's digital economy. With the evolution of information and communication technology and the rapid development of the Internet, there is a trend of coexistence and development of various types of terminals such as PC terminals, mobile terminals, virtual terminals, industrial control terminals and special terminals for various businesses in the daily office field. The diversity of network access and the massive data storage further expand the scope, connotation and extension of network security management. Beixinyuan complies with the market trend, The terminal security management system has been expanded from the traditional PC management to the unified management of intelligent terminals and all kinds of IP devices. It is the first security manufacturer in the industry to establish a "pan" terminal security management system, realizing the integrated management and control of all types of terminals; While establishing the "pan" terminal security management system, the company has comprehensively laid out border and network security products such as network access control, firewall, intrusion prevention monitoring, and network security audit. With the rapid development of the information innovation market, beixinyuan has released the stable operation version under the information innovation platform and provided customers with Pan terminal host security, data security The overall solution for border and network security and a full range of security products have maintained a sustained and rapid growth trend in the industry.
        In the field of information technology application and innovation, the company always attaches great importance to independent innovation, gives full play to its technical advantages, actively responds to the national strategic deployment, complies with the requirements of relevant national technical specifications, constantly innovates and actively adapts to the independent innovation hardware and software environment. At present, all the products of beixinyuan have released versions that operate stably under the information innovation platform, and many important products have passed the tests of relevant national competent departments, They are beixinyuan host monitoring and audit system, beixinyuan server audit system, beixinyuan terminal security login system, beixinyuan anti-virus system, beixinyuan printing and burning monitoring and audit system, beixinyuan operation and maintenance supervision platform, beixinyuan electronic document security label management system, beixinyuan Electronic Document Issuing Information Steganography traceability system, beixinyuan electronic document security management system, etc.
        The popularity of independent innovation software and hardware platforms has brought new opportunities for the further development of the company's information security product system. The company will work with many enterprises in the information and innovation platform ecological chain to create an innovative and reliable ecosystem, provide safe, reliable and applicable integrated software and hardware solutions and more perfect and reliable information security guarantee for industrial customers, and contribute more to the national information security construction and the development strategy of the information and innovation platform. The border and network security system is the basis of the overall solution of beixinyuan Xinchuang platform, and builds a basic defense environment for the Intranet environment. The boundary and network security product system is committed to ensuring the integrity of the network boundary and the security of the network environment, mainly to effectively detect and control the access network equipment and the data flow entering and leaving the network boundary. The effective detection mechanism includes network-based intrusion detection, boundary content access filtering, etc. the effective control measures include network access control, intrusion protection, scan detection, audit traceability, etc, The main products include network access control system, network boundary monitoring system, video security monitoring system, web application firewall, anti denial of service system, disaster recovery backup system, security operation and maintenance audit system, security log audit system, risk monitoring and scanning system, network security audit system, second generation firewall, intelligent intrusion prevention monitoring system, online behavior management system and other products.
        Relying on the leading position of China's terminal security management market, the company actively innovates and forge ahead, takes the lead in establishing a "pan" terminal security management system, and brings various terminals into the integrated management and control category; And the terminal security management is developed from the event driven type to the active defense type, covering the closed-loop management system with full functions such as terminal discovery, security configuration verification, host reinforcement, security management, detection and response, and off-line audit. The main products include intranet security management system, anti-virus system, host monitoring and audit system, server audit system, terminal security login system, security configuration verification management system, operating system security reinforcement system, terminal detection and response system (EDR) and other products; Among them, the host monitoring and auditing system, the terminal security login system and the anti-virus system continue to be in the leading position in the market, and have also made considerable achievements in the field of information innovation.
        "Pan" terminal host security is the protection subject of the overall solution of beixinyuan information innovation platform, and the main purpose is to build a defense mechanism for the terminal host system itself. Data is the core asset of enterprise informatization, so the data security product system is the real protection focus of the overall solution of the information innovation platform. Beixinyuan data security product system is committed to ensuring the security of intranet data assets. It mainly focuses on the intelligent identification of content, takes the enterprise intranet as the scope, takes the whole network data protection as the main protection target, and uses detection, control, warning and analysis as the means to carry out accurate analysis and protection of enterprise data, know the data distribution and risk, and then protect data assets.
        The main products include computer terminal security inspection system, data leakage protection system, electronic document security management system, printing and burning control system, Document Issuing Information Steganography traceability system, database audit and security protection system, data backup and recovery system, data desensitization system, mobile storage management system and security USB disk. Data security products have been widely promoted in many industries and have been recognized by the market. Beixinyuan continues to pay attention to the field of industrial control security. For many years, it has been engaged in research and development of innovative industrial control security products. Now it has formed a complete industrial control network security integration scheme. Beixinyuan industrial control network security integration solution is a completely independent and innovative network security integration solution, which is suitable for the construction of enterprise industrial control network and the security protection of industrial control core area.
        The integrated scheme is realized through the network border security control system, which includes four parts: key platform, authentication client, border authentication machine and management control server. Each part cooperates with each other to realize industrial control network construction, network border construction monitoring, equipment authentication and access, unified asset management and unified strategy control. The network boundary security control system is based on the social control principle and zero trust concept, and is supported by national secret technology. It is designed independently on the basis of widely absorbing the advantages of advanced security protection models such as PDR, P2DR and IATF. The network security boundary is built through the boundary authentication machine with embedded security functions, and the computer, dumb terminal and other equipment entering the network are authenticated and access controlled at the unified network boundary, And conduct comprehensive asset management and strategic control of network access equipment.
        The server side, border authentication machine, authentication client and other components of the system cooperate with each other to build a new security defense line at the network boundary, and embed security authentication access and other functions on the network main path, so as to realize the security protection of the core area of the industrial control network; The system adopts national secret technology, integrates and integrates the security capabilities of various plug-in security applications to form a unified network security intelligent brain, network resource management platform, network resource control platform and security policy management platform. With unified and integrated security intelligence, comprehensive and fine security strategy and rapid and active security control, the system truly builds a network security collaborative defense system to realize active, dynamic and collaborative protection of network security, Substantially improve the organization's network security technology and management level.
        During the reporting period, innovative breakthroughs were made in theory and technology, and a number of innovative industrial control security products were developed: industrial control security guards, industrial security switches, network boundary detection systems, etc., forming an overall industrial control network security solution. The products have been established in many industries and have been recognized by the market. The future prospects are promising. With the concept of "big data drives intranet security and big data improves management efficiency", the company accelerates the deep integration of big data technology and existing products. Make full use of big data technology to continuously strengthen the breadth and depth of terminal security management, and strive to create a new generation of intranet security product ecosystem guided by "big data" technology.
        The company's big data platform is an enterprise level big data processing, analysis and mining platform. In combination with the new regulatory and management requirements, it collects data such as terminal behavior, network traffic and security equipment, and relies on artificial intelligence algorithms and deep learning engines to analyze and evaluate user behavior and business data, so as to help enterprises actively respond to threats and risks and master the security situation and business status of the whole network. The products are mainly for the government, wechat, public security, industry authorities and enterprises and institutions in important industries. The main products include network security management system, security situation analysis system, operation and maintenance management system, dynamic access control system (environmental awareness system), comprehensive audit platform and confidential self-monitoring platform.
        During the reporting period, the company's big data security technology and products have been widely recognized by the industry, and the participating projects have won the bid repeatedly. Based on the background that the company's terminal security management products have been deployed on a large scale in tens of millions of terminals in important industries such as government, energy and finance, beixinyuan big data security products can be rapidly deployed and provide security guarantees for national key information infrastructure and important information systems. The relevant strategic R & D team of the company has carried out R & D in the blockchain field, including the research and development of digital wallets. The company is actively exploring cooperation opportunities with relevant financial institutions and expanding the research and development of related technologies between digital wallet and Xinyuan Doudou.
        The blockchain machine independently developed by the company and Hangzhou Ancun Network Technology Co., Ltd. integrates China's independently developed Beidou technology and blockchain technology, which is of great significance for the storage of data information. The blockchain function helps enterprises to easily and conveniently access the blockchain. As long as the blockchain machine is deployed on the machine room server (or cloud server), the electronic data can be converted into blockchain data. The blockchain machine also records the time when the electronic data is generated and the geographical location of the server that generates the electronic data to ensure the authenticity of the data before and after the chain. Blockchain machines have been applied and deployed in some industries, including aerospace, environmental protection, justice, administrative law enforcement and other industries.
        Ecological environment protection requires accurate and authoritative monitoring data. The electronic environmental data is large and wide-ranging. The blockchain technology can ensure that the electronic data is original and cannot be tampered with. Moreover, the blockchain machine is simple and easy to use, and can meet the needs of the environmental protection system for electronic data solidification and storage. At present, the blockchain machine has been applied in the Zouping branch of Binzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau of Shandong Province, and the real-time environmental monitoring data of the bureau are uploaded to the chain to provide strong electronic evidence support for its environmental monitoring and law enforcement. The blockchain machine was officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office on April 16, 2021. The secure communication platform Xinyuan mixin (Xinyuan Doudou), which the company makes every effort to build, is based on the private server and secure communication, and provides users with multi-level platform services such as instant messaging, collaborative office, emergency command, task management, application development, Internet of things, and interconnection, such as: secure mobile office, emergency response platform Xinyuan mixin (Xinyuan Doudou) community prevention and control platform and other security communication application solutions effectively meet the security communication needs in the era of Internet of things.
        Xinyuan secret letter (Xinyuan Doudou) has high security. Implement full encryption at the server, communication link and client; Five dimensional security protection for access, communication, storage, use and management. The product has complete instant messaging functions, including not only general functions such as message chat, group chat, voice chat, voice call, file transmission, micro video, but also various secure communication functions such as private chat mode, post reading receipt, secret chat, single reading, delay message, post reading receipt, unread reminder, etc. In addition, Xinyuan mixin (Xinyuan Doudou) also provides a unique secure remote office function, such as work groups that enable employees to communicate efficiently anytime, anywhere; Mobile location punch in enables employees to locate attendance at home; Secure cloud disk, providing working document sharing and private cloud storage, so that documents can be carried with them; Voice and video conference enables employees and teams to conduct audio and video communication at any time; Live online training to let employees participate in work training at home; Information notification to ensure timely delivery of important information; The daily and weekly work reports are automatically generated to make the team's progress clear at a glance.
        In addition, Xinyuan mixin (Xinyuan Doudou) also provides development and open interfaces. It supports seamless integration with multiple types of applications and users' existing businesses. Users can add a number of high-quality standard office applications such as mail system, task approval, and schedule management according to their own needs to quickly realize mobile office. At present, the server-side and client-side of Xinyuan crypto (Xinyuan Doudou) have completed the comprehensive adaptation work for the mainstream information innovation operating system, database and middleware. During the reporting period, the company set up a high-level blockchain team, relying on Xinyuan Miyun (Xinyuan Doudou), and carried out application research and development in data storage, health care, community management, etc., and laid a foundation for further development of domestic and overseas markets.
        The customers of Xinyuan secret letter (Xinyuan Doudou) are mainly government and enterprise units, and have covered large-scale customers, small and medium-sized customers, group organizations and special industry customers. Xinyuan mixin (Xinyuan Doudou) has provided perfect solutions for the needs and application modes of different customers. It has developed multiple versions such as Standard Version, professional version, special industry version and Internet sales version. The product form includes software mode, software and hardware integration and hardware plug and play equipment. Typical cases include emergency response platform, beixinyuan intelligent party building platform, market value analysis and management system of listed companies, etc. to meet the needs of enterprises and institutions Social groups and other users. The emergency response platform is an emergency response solution created by beixinyuan under the guidance of a series of policies such as the national network security emergency plan and under the guidance of the overall plan for emergency response of important national ministries and commissions, based on the information source confidential information (information source Doudou), and using the cutting-edge big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve the capability of this system, and gradually improve the network security and industrial control security protection capability of China, And lay a solid foundation for the strategic construction of a manufacturing power and a network power.
        At present, this solution has been applied to network security emergency response platform, industrial control security emergency communication system, etc. Beixinyuan intelligent party building platform is based on the framework of "Xinyuan confidential letter (Xinyuan Doudou)", supplemented by the security system (systematic) as an important guarantee. It combines the party building work with the actual business (business), gives play to the strong information security connectivity and interaction ability (connectivity), enhances information interaction, and at the same time, protects the party building data (Security). Since its promotion, the platform has been mainly targeted at organizational departments, government agencies and higher vocational colleges at all levels of provinces, cities, districts and counties
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