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China's first financial blockchain international standard passed the project

Time : 12/12/2021 Author : 8by45c Click : + -
        According to the information released by the National Technical Committee for financial standardization on September 4, the 16th research group (sg16) of the telecommunication standardization department (ITU-T) of the International Telecommunication Union was held online from June 22 to July 3, 2020. At the meeting, the international standard "financial distributed ledger Technology Application guide" proposed by the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as "the digital currency Research Institute") and jointly initiated by China information and Communication Research Institute, Huawei and other units was successfully approved in itu-tsg16. At present, major countries and international organizations around the world have accelerated the technological innovation and application exploration of blockchain.
        China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain, and is accelerating the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry, and promoting the role of blockchain in social economy. In the financial industry, blockchain has been applied to trade finance, Bill trading, supply chain finance, securities deposit, reconciliation, asset securitization and other fields. For a long time, the Institute has attached great importance to and actively carried out the standardization of legal digital currency and blockchain. Based on the legal digital currency standard working group of the national financial standardization technical committee, the Institute has carried out the research and preparation of financial technology standards such as distributed ledger technology to standardize the technology and application of distributed ledger. In order to further implement the spirit of "strengthening the research on the standardization of blockchain and improving the international voice and rule making power", under the guidance and support of the science and Technology Department of the people's Bank of China and the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Institute has led the international standard application and project approval of the financial distributed ledger Technology Application guide in itu-tsg16 since 2019.
        After communicating and discussing with relevant units in the early stage, and drafting and improving the project initiation materials, the project successfully passed the preliminary project initiation defense in early March 2020 and the formal project initiation defense in early July 2020, and was officially approved in itu-tsg16 on July 3. The financial distributed ledger Technology Application guide is the first international standard of financial blockchain led by China. This standard is a framework standard. Based on this, China can carry out the planning and layout of the international standard system of financial blockchain, add sub standards such as reference framework, risk control, security and privacy protection, and financial blockchain business specifications in various fields, promote the standardization of all important aspects of the financial blockchain in ITU-T by "one belt and more", and promote the healthy development of financial blockchain technology and related industries, And make more contributions to the setting of international rules.
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